Ear Stick headphones with the same design as AirPods

Ear Stick headphones with the same design as AirPods

Ear Stick headphones with the same design as AirPods

According to JBQ , Nothing company has introduced its next set of headphones called Ear (wood). Yes, it would not be a Nothing product without the unnecessary brackets to go along with its challenging company name.
It was unveiled at a fashion show in London this week alongside a number of Chet Lo’s “iconic spiky knitwear”. Coming soon, the product is described as lightweight and “very comfortable” with an “ergonomic design.” They will also be “very unique,” according to a tweet from the company.

Nothing may have a proper technical backing, but for Carl P’s newest brand, messaging should be all about flair. The Nothing Ear Stick has been nothing but fascinating since we heard about it between fashion shows and Instagram runway videos over a week ago. But despite all appearances, some people still wonder if it’s important to buy an Ear Stick over an ear of nothing (1). In fact, what is stopping you from owning any other pair of wireless headphones? 

Well, surely some new renders will help that nothing is used for the Earbuds .



Much like the lipstick, the Ear Stick’s original mechanism requires users to twist the tube to access the ear cups’ recesses just don’t expect these buds to enhance the color of your kissable lips. However, little information has been revealed about the technical specifications of these buds. FCC filings reveal that each bud runs on a 36 mAh battery and supports Bluetooth 5.2 (like the Ear (1)), while the tubular frame packs a 350 mAh battery.

That is until now, when Kuba Wojciechowski posted what he claims are official renders of the device from the case to each individual bud on Twitter. For reference, we have pasted some pictures of the Nothing Ear (1) below.

Nothing says the Ear Stick are “semi-in-ear true wireless earbuds” that are “built to be invisible when in use. They’re lightweight with an ergonomic design that molds to your ear. Supplied in an exclusive charging case. Individual, inspired by classic cosmetic lines, and compact for easy portability in pockets.

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Ear Stick headphones

Added Specification


JBQ says, Nothing adds that the new product will be available worldwide, including in the US – the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone was not made available in the US, probably due to a lack of carrier interest, which is almost a prerequisite for an American phone. Setting up.

Still, we felt the Phone 1 was a success we said in our review: “It’s easy to write off the Phone 1’s sleek design and lighting as a gimmick, but there’s a really capable phone hiding underneath. The screen and cameras punch above their weight, the materials and build quality give it the feel of a more expensive device and the Nothing clearly has big plans for its minimal take on Android even if they are not fully realized at launch.


The packaging of this airpods is the typical of Nothings products. The light gray outer sleeve and overall styling is instantly recognizable as a Bose product. You can connect with your smartwatch and enjoy it.

Removing the outer sleeve leaves us with an almost completely black box. Removing the “dual caps” of the original packaging gives us full color images, a bit of literature to remind us to download the Bose Connect app, and in the center of it all the charging/storage case (where the Soundsport Free is already stored), the USB cable . And additional wingtips are provided.

Next Generation of earpods

The newly introduced earbuds were unveiled as part of a runway show during the 2023 London Fashion Week event. The tech startup has teamed up with designer Chat Lo to make this happen, incorporating the upcoming TWS headphones as well as the Phone (1) into some woolly accessories modeled during the show.

It is unclear if these “custom (1) phone cases” will be made available in any way, though one could be considered a winning argument for the first-gen green Glyph limited edition. Android device. In any case, now that the accessories are off the runway, it is clear that they have ditched the original ear-frame design (1) for something akin to the “chopstick tube” type that was popular a few years ago (although it looks which is now gone in 2022).

Carl P’s new company has claimed the buds are less obtrusive and “very comfortable,” which may match the rumors that the optional rubber ears have been dropped from their packaging. However, ear buds (wood) are “almost here” in their new, “feather style” form.

Ear Stick headphones with the same design as AirPods



We’re not sure how unique the Ear Stick will actually be. Huawei’s FreeBuds lipstick has a similar design, designed for a female audience. But Huawei’s offer is more compact than what we see in Nothing’s teasers. The Ear Stick retains the transparent design on top of the frame, but we’ve yet to see the headphones in the flesh.
The Ear Stick was previously rumored to launch alongside the Nothing Phone 1, but that didn’t happen. However, if history is anything to go by, we can expect more teasers to happen soon at a regular Nothing product launch. As we get closer to the launch date, we can expect to get more information about the specifications, price and release date.

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