Introducing Oppo Watch 3 and Pro–Full body controller

Introducing Oppo Watch 3 and Pro–Full body controller

Introducing Oppo Watch 3 and Pro–Full body controller

According to Jbq, On August 10, OPPO Watch 3 Series was officially released. The new smart watch with the Apollo4 Plus flagship dual-core Snapdragon W5 wearable platform, UDDE dual-motor hybrid 2.0, new professional tennis mode and vascular health research function, with 80+ Android camp number one program, the original experience compared to the previous generation to achieve A comprehensive upgrade was introduced to the market.

To achieve the perfect curve and beautiful display, OPPO has completely customized the screen. The high quality 1.91 inch full curve LTPO screen with the same width on all sides provides an ultra-high brightness of 1000 nits. The new generation of LTPO technology is displayed with 100% pixels in always-on mode, which is excellent and reduces power consumption by 15% at the lowest refresh rate of 1Hz. The new dual-core flagship that has UDDE Dual Engine Hybrid 2.0 technology has a long battery life of 3.5 days in constant light mode.

The OPPO Watch 3 model is equipped with custom Ecco leather strap and Nappa natural vibration pattern style, the high-quality leather material keeps the skin feeling breathable.

OPPO Watch 3 Series introduces a new generation of Snapdragon W5 flagship wearable devices to the world, which is made with the same latest 4nm technology as the flagship smart watches.



In the application start-up scenario, a millisecond response is achieved while power consumption is reduced by up to 40%. With the scheduling of UDDE Dual Engine In Hybrid 2.0 technology, Snapdragon W5 works in tandem with the Apollo4 Plus chip and supports 5 days of ultra-long battery life in full smart mode, which is 25% more than the previous generation.

OPPO Watch 3 Series all come standard with VOOC flash charging, which can be used for 24 hours if charged for ten minutes. To fully charge the watches, OPPO Watch 3 Pro takes 65 minutes and OPPO Watch 3 takes 60 minutes.

OPPO Watch 3 Pro introduces a new algorithm called OPPO Sense for health monitoring, which brings new updates on cardiovascular health, heart rate, all-day blood oxygen and sleep monitoring.

OPPO Watch 3 Pro adds a new vascular health research function, using ECG + PPG sensors, it can detect the degree of vascular elasticity (calculated based on PWV pulse wave conduction velocity) and peer evaluation reports and recommendations create health services to help people. Users notice the risk of hardening of the arteries in time. We have the best smart watch chargers for any models with ultra-Speed.

It also includes health monitoring capabilities to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, based on 24 hour heart rate monitoring in all weather conditions, and 24 hour irregular heart rate monitoring.

New Upgrade sensors

The newly upgraded 12 channel optical blood oxygen monitoring sensor of OPPO Watch 3 Pro, which, together with OPPO’s exclusive research algorithm, can provide single-point blood oxygen monitoring, continuous blood oxygen monitoring between each second of sleep, and blood oxygen monitoring. In all weather conditions.
At altitude, it can intelligently detect changes in altitude, monitor blood oxygen changes throughout the day, and provide timely warning when blood oxygen is low, protecting you on any long journey.

In the field of sleep monitoring, OPPO Watch 3 Series continues to improve, providing users with professional, comprehensive and humanized sleep monitoring and analysis services before, during and after sleep, and the newly added sleep score allows users to To carefully control the quality of sleep.
Snoring Risk Assessment 2.0, with a new sleep breathing rate parameter, can provide visual feedback on sleep breathing status, and with continuous monitoring data of blood oxygen and snoring throughout the night, helps users to control their snoring.
An exclusive mode customized for tennis, with 5 customized data dimensions, comprehensively and accurately evaluates the sports performance of amateurs and professional tennis players. This data includes stroke count, swing speed, active time, heart rate, and calorie consumption, while Stroke Count differentiates between stroke totals, serves, and backhand/backstroke data, allowing all status register in place.
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Sport Modes

Running mode adds more than 10 kinds of professional records of running data such as stride frequency, stride length, maximum oxygen absorption and aerobic exercise effect, and provides more detailed data monitoring information for professional runners.
Running mode supports heart rate protection in all sports activity, which can monitor the heart rate increase and warn when the heart rate increases. After finishing the run, it can also evaluate the cardiorespiratory capacity and heart rate recovery, which scientifically accompanies the health of running exercise.

In terms of connectivity experience, OPPO Watch Series 3’s cross-play and real-time modes make full use of the convenience and fun of using a mobile phone and a watch together, while the watch has the most access to automotive companies.

OPPO Watch 3 series supports more than 100 sports modes, it can automatically detect running, walking, outdoor cycling, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical 6 sports, and from outdoor cycling, Running, walking, support 3 kinds of auto-pause function to make the sports record more intelligent and accurate.

In the Android camp, it can achieve various functions such as car remote control, bluetooth car key and NFC car key. Series products are equipped with eSIM independent communication as standard, which can control the car via mobile phone.


Jbq says, the price of the OPPO Watch 3 Pro model is 1999 yuan. The same model on a different brown leather strap, 2099 yuan. OPPO Watch 3 classic square screen all-smart flagship, standard with SIM independent communication, platinum black model at 1599 yuan. Gold filled leather strap model with a price of 1699 yuan.

Oppo Watch 3 start at 1,499 yuan ($222 or €216 at current exchange rates) and the Watch 3 Pro at 1,899 yuan ($282, €274). They are available to order now and will go on sale in China on August 19th. Note that Oppo runs a proprietary software platform in China, and it’s unclear if they’ll switch to Wear OS if they launch in other countries.
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