How to choose the most appropriate Smartwatch?

How to choose the most appropriate Smartwatch?

How to choose the most appropriate Smartwatch?

Buying a smartwatch, like the other types of gadgets, is not simple, and we should pay attention to some details when buying.

In this Smartwatch buying guide, we will point out all points that you should consider when you want to choose the best smartwatch from Apple, Samsung, etc. What are the best types of Smartwatches?

There are the best types of Smartwatches with different kinds of designs and features. By purchasing a Smartwatch, you can save time and check up on your health situation and also exercise in a more targeted manner.

Important points of buying a smartwatch in a brief


Compatibility with the phone: what kind of a smartwatch to buy? Based on the Smartwatch buying guide, before going to the Best Brand to buy the smartwatch and spending lots of money, first, you should be certain that the preferred smartwatch you are going to buy is comparable with your smartphone. For example, the Apple watches are just adaptable to iPhones, and the other smartwatches may work with both Android and iPhone.


Sports features


by the Smartwatch buying guide, choose a smartwatch that has the heartbeat measurement and GPS to measure the heartbeat numbers and to have further information about the past distance and the burned calories while going out to run. This is one of the important points for buying watches.


Battery lifetime


one of the other points that we should consider while buying a smartphone, is the life of the battery. Based on the Smartwatch buying guide, generally, hybrid watches are similar to the common watches and have more battery life, but they don`t have a touchable screen.
Possibility of chargers : by the Smartwatch buying guide, purchase a smartwatch that you can easily change its wristlet later. Also, make sure that the wristlets of this watch are available on the market.




in the Smartwatch buying guide, applications are the important factors in smartwatches. At this moment, the WEAR OS systems and WATCH OS operation systems have various kinds of special applications, so make sure you can use these applications.

Smartwatch buying guide. What kind of smartwatch to buy?

The above points are the points that you should consider while buying a smartwatch. We introduced these points above in a brief. But now it is time to pay attention to their details.
Operation system and compatibility with the phones
The first factor we consider while buying a cheap or an expensive watch is its operating system and its compatibility with phones. The best smartphones are designed in a way to be the expletive gadgets of the phones. Some of them are compatible with Android and IOS, like Fitbit 2 and 3 versions. However, Android users have an extra benefit, and that is responding to messages and phone calls through the smartwatch.

What kind of smartwatch to buy?

Operation system and compatibility with the phones

In the Smartwatch buying guide, however, Fitbit uses its special operation system, Fitbit OS, and because of this, its watches are compatible with iPhone and Android watches. On the other hand, Google has designed and presented a new operating system with the name of WEAR OS 3 for smartwatches, which is currently usable in Galaxy 4, but in the future, all of the smartwatches using the snapdragon 4100 chipsets on the market use this operating system. In the Smartwatch buying guide, this operating system just works with Android mobile phones.

Operation system and compatibility with the phones

Samsung used to use the Tyson operating system before Galaxy Watch 4. Tyson was compatible with both Android and iPhone, but in recent years, it has been turned to the Achilles Hills Galaxy watch series, and Samsung put it aside by presenting the Galaxy watch 4. Through the Smartwatch buying guide, they intended to use the Google WEAR OS operating system.
On the other hand, with the Smartwatch buying guide, we have the Apple watch and WATCH OS operating system, which as all we know, is compatible with just, the iPhone. You can access the special app store of the Apple watch, from the default Apple Watch application which has been installed on iPhone mobile phones and install your favorite apps on your smartwatch.

Smartwatch buying guide/LCD screens

The other point in this Smartwatch buying guide with the appropriate price is the display screen. Most smartwatches are presented to the market with LCDs that have great transparency and quality. But on the other hand, they cause the battery life to decrease. One of the disadvantages of smartwatches is the battery life, but fortunately, it seems it is going to be improved in recent years. In this Smartwatch buying guide, some smartwatches are durable within some days or some weeks by just one-time charging.

If you want to have the most battery life, go to the model that has a black and white display screen.

LCD screens

The expensive smartwatches use AMOLED screens instead of LCD. These AMOLED smartwatches have both a high-quality display screen and a smaller thickness in comparison to LCD watches. Apple used the OLED display screens in the first series of APPLE Watches, but with this Smartwatch accessorys buying guide, it was Samsung that presented the first smartwatches using OLED screens, Galaxy GEAR, in 2013.

Smartwatch buying guide: touchable or untouchable screen?

At first look, choosing a touchable screen is a wise choice, but for many users, placing many different options on a small display screen is not an easy job. To solve this problem, some smartwatches used movement gestures, but they didn`t work. With the Smartwatch buying guide, in the WEAR OS operation system, the notifications are shown like cards, and you can eliminate them by swiping your fingers on them from one side to the other. It is one of the powers of smartwatches, but in this Smartwatch buying guide, to reach these adjustments, you should swipe your fingers on them several times.
But Apple has a different function, and presents the Apple Watch with a touchable screen and also with a digital crown, and physical buttons on the right side. With the help of the digital crown, you can zoom on the contents or scroll.

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