Storming entrance of T1 plus to the market with a 50-megapixel camera

Storming entrance of T1 plus to the market with a 50-megapixel camera

While so many fans are counting the time for the new mobile phone, it has been said that the company has decided to reveal the new generation.

But what is the one plus company history and its flagship mobile phones? Be with us to get familiar with it. 

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One plus company, a new powerful establishment.

One plus brand is one of the Chinese brands in the field of hybrids and smartphones.

The products of this company have so many fans, and we are going to check out the story of this brand and its T1 plus phone via its 50-megapixel camera.

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All of us know the one plus brand as a producer of mobile phones, and we all know that this brand, compared to giant companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and …is like a newbie.



In fact, the one plus company was an unknown brand that could present acceptable products to the technology world, and therefore, be popular and famous in this field.

Today the products of this brand have so many fans, so we want to dedicate a part of this article to know the story of this brand and the ways it has passed till reaching here. 

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The history of One plus

The one plus company was established on 16 DEC 2013 and after one year could present its first mobile phone to the market.


In fact, the story of the one plus phones began with the introduction of this company.


This company could enter its first product with the collaboration of Cyanogen, one plus presents two products every year and these products concentrate on buying worth, Of course, in some years, the script amount was more. 



Now, after 6 years of its beginning in the mobile field, One Plus has been known as the main actor in this industry, in the way that its products are tough competitors for giant companies.


If we pass from the hardware parts, the one plus could introduce the Oxygen OS user interface in the software part, which is known as one of the best user interfaces of the Android operating system.



Take a look at the one-plus products from the beginning up to now:

Everything started from here.

The first phone of one plus was presented in 2014.


This smartphone is supported by a powerful software collection that causes the user to have more power to personalize its device’s privacy from the software point. 



The hardware feature of the one plus phone was a display screen of 5.5 inches and it benefited from the Snapdragon 801 QUALCOMM chip to provide its processor energy with a 3 gigabyte RAM, and from the internal memory, it had two models of 16 and 64-gigabyte memory.



Its other products are One plus 2, One Plus X, One Plus 3, One Plus 5, One Plus 5T, One Plus 6, One Plus 7 and 7T, One Plus 8, and One Plus 9, and now we are waiting for the One plus 10 T. 

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The flagship One Plus 10T

We expect that this new generation from the 10 series to come to the market soon.


The rumors say that the password name of this device is “project Ovaltine” and it could be named 5G or 10T.


Now, it has recently published the render of 10/10 plus, which points out the general design similar to the pro one, but with a smooth screen and without importing the name “Hasselblad” in the module camera. 

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One plus render 10/10T

My smartphone has recently been aware of the key features of the one plus 10/10T 5G.

We are still not aware of the final name of this product, but the source “Yogesh Brar” confirms that this phone is from the 10 series.

Brar has also shared the design renders for the next future one plus phone.

One plus 10/10T 5G will be the next flagship of this company`s product that will be presented soon. 

The future flagship 10T has inspired its design from the Pro 10, and its camera module will be combined with the device`s frame.



This phone also has a 3D combination camera and an LED flash, and the difference between the new one plus T10 and the pro one is the location of LED flashes replaced with the above lenses. 

And we should mention that the commercial name” Hasselblad” is not seen on this phone.


This means that 10 pro was the only flagship that benefited from collaboration with Hasselblad. 



Brar also claims that this T1plus has a 50-megapixel camera with a 1.8 f diagram and it has used the reliable sensor of Sony and, it has also used some other sensors of NORD, One plus 10 R. the module of the phone camera consists of an ultra-wide 8-megapixel sensor and a macro 2-megapixel sensor for taking selfie photos, a front 16-megapixel camera in the display single hole. 

One plus T10 with a smooth screen

The front part of the device has a smooth screen.

This 6.7-inch fluid AMOLED display screen with a 120-hertz refresh rate and supporting the sampling 360-hertz rate will be presented.

Also, the screen refresh switches between 60/90 and 120. This one plus phone supports RGB, HDR10+, and 10-bit colors.

One plus T10 hardware features

Regarding the inside specifications, the Snapdragon 8+Gen QUALCOMM has been considered for this phone.


This device is also presented with a storage space of 8 gigabytes + 128 gigabytes, and 12 gigabyte+256 gigabytes so that the types of LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 will come to the market.


The future flagship of One Plus will also have a 5000 milliamperes battery and support the fast charging technology of 15-Watt.


One Plus 10/10T will be presented with two “black” and “white” colors, with 802.11 Wi-Fi connection options, MIMO 2 X 2, a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 5.3 Bluetooth, SBC, NFC, LDAC, APTX HD and …



The under-edges of the one plus phone are connected to the Type-c gateway, and the device has benefited from stereo speakers. 



The price of the One plus T10 will be about 690$, and in the end, we should say that the massive production of One plus T10 mobile phones be started in July. 

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