Golden tips of correct ways to charge the mobile phone

Golden tips of correct ways to charge the mobile phone

Probably you are looking for a response to this question, how to make the battery life longer?

Most smartphone users are looking for the best ways to increase the life of their phones` batteries.

However, the technology of fast charging has decreased the time of charging because smartphones benefit from unchangeable batteries we can no longer solve the batteries by replacement easily.

For this reason by considering the right ways to charge the battery take a step on the way to increase the battery life of the phone till to have no more problems.

If you have used your phone for more than one year, probably you have realized the decrease in the battery life of your gadget compared to the first days of using it.

After 2 years, most phones` batteries are barely durable and after 3 years perhaps the intended battery may cause some problems.

Unfortunately with passing years, the lifetime of the battery decreases too, and this is an irresistible thing, nevertheless, you can make the battery life longer by doing these things.

If you are looking for the correct way to charge your phone`s battery, we will discuss it in the rest of this article.

Some pints to do that leads to increase the battery`s life.

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Keep the charger`s energy in 30 to 80 %

Keep the charger`s energy in 30 to 80 %

One of the myths related to charging is that it should be first depleted so that the battery memory gets cleaned, then connect to the charger.

This subject has come true in the age of acid batteries, doesn`t have any connection to these days’ Lithium batteries, and such way is not recommended for today`s modern phones.

The experts recommend in this field, that using minor charging for your gadget that leads to increasing its battery life.

Due to the Voltage issues and its emphasis on the battery lifetime, it`s been said to keep the charge between 30 to 80 % because doing this, has a great effect on increasing the life of your phone`s battery.

Altogether, instead of one-time charging to complete 100%, it`s better to use minor charging to keep it between 30 to 80 percent.

Avoid long-time charging battery

One of the common habits is to charge the phone at the night.


But it is not suggested for many reasons.


For one, doing this causes the lithium sheets in the place of the positive pole of the battery which can lower the function of the battery and disorder the whole system.


Moreover, we should point out to the produced warmth which is harmful to the battery.



When the charging of the battery reaches 100%, the system should stop the charging process and just sometimes checkout the charging amount so that it has been decreased, reach it to 100% again.


If after completing the charging process, it still receives the electronic energy, this current should be minor and small.


By checking out the causes of increasing the battery life, most of the phones still receive about 0.5 amperes electronic energy after charging completion in 100%.


Most of the time, getting the phone turned off doesn`t have so much effect on this process, and most of the phones receive about 200 to 500 milliamperes of energy.

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One other thing that we should consider is too much usage and charging at the same time, just like the time when the phone is connected to the charger but we are watching TV or a game at the same time.


Doing this will disorder the work cycle and the time that the battery is completely charged and still connected to the electrical outlet causes the charging disorders and too much warmth in the battery.


The best way of getting rid of this situation is not to use the mobile phone when it is getting charged, turn off the phone, or do light work with it.


Doing this doesn`t push so much pressure on it and it does not encounter any disorders.


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Warmth is the enemy of the battery

Except for those we mentioned above, to make the battery live longer, you should be careful about the warmth, just like the high Voltage, the high temperature can affect a lot on the battery life and decrease the charge if a battery is in a temperature between 20 to 30 degrees, it will benefit from 80% of its initial capacity.


If it uses of minor charging way. This capacity will increase even more.


But if most of the time its temperature is about 40 degrees, its capacity comes to 65% of its initial capacity.

Warmth is the enemy of the battery


If a battery is continuously on the complete 100% charging time and is in a warm environment at the same time, the worst situation has occurred to it, so do not put your mobile phone under your pillow or do not release it in your car`s dashboard in warm weathers.



One other thing that causes the decrease in battery life is the fast charging technology.

In this process, a higher Voltage enters the battery and increases the temperature of the phone, so if your phone has such technology, it`s better to connect your phone to the charger for just 15 to 20 minutes. Because there won`t be so much hotness during this time so the battery and the phone won`t get damaged.


Today, so many users are familiar with the function of the lithium iconic batteries, but still, some people stayed with the myths and the legends about it.

However, these works don`t have a huge amount of affection on the batteries, but as today most of phones use unchangeable batteries so it`s better to use these simple points to increase the battery life.

Altogether we should say that benefiting from a minor charging process and keeping the phone batteries cool leads to increasing the life of a battery.

You can briefly read the golden tips to increase the battery life:

  • Don`t charge your battery completely 100% and also avoid night charging.
  • It`s better to stop the charging process after reaching 80%.
  • Use the fast charging technology when necessary and not too much.
  • Warmth is the worst enemy of the battery, so keep it cool and not cover the battery when charging or not put it in warm weather,
  • Turn off your phone during the charging time or at least avoid doing heavy things by the phone like playing or watching videos.

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