What is NFC’s meaning and its function?

What is NFC’s meaning and its function?

Yet, technology hasn`t fitted completely overseas and if you see NFC technology in hybrid phones and don`t know what it is, it might make you upset.

So be with us jbq for a better comprehension of NFC meaning and its functions.

NFC comes from “NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION”, which means connection from near and before everything.

It`s a standard and it`s not known as a technology. Technology means that this is not something that has just been invented or it`s not something that be a new concept of tech or electronics.

NFC is a standard which uses radio frequency or RF, and you can imagine NFC as a Bluetooth that covers a near area, a few centimeters, while Bluetooth can cover about 15 meters. 

NFC has been designed to connect between equipped devices and the distance between the devices can be up to 10 centimeters.

NFC has been adjusted to the 13.56 megahertz frequency band and can transmit data at a speed between 106 to 424 kilobits per second.

How does NFC work?

To get to know about NFC’s meaning and its functions, we should say that sometimes NFC and RFID (Radio frequency identification) work instead of each other, but NFC is a newer script of RFID.

The Frequency waves can have a longer board, for instance, while you are crossing from the taxes gate, this technology can read the number of your automatic payment device, while the NFC board has been limited to 4 inches.

This made NFC efficient for security sensitive works like using ATMs or entering security premises.

NFC can make two side connections possible, while RFID is a one-way reading connection.

Transmitting images and making connections are the most common functions of NFC. 

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Types of devices in NFC technology

In NFC we have 2 types of technology, an active and a passive device.


The active device means that it needs electronic energy to work and the passive device means it doesn`t have electronic energy until it`s not needed.


In NFC technology, a mobile phone is known as an active device because it has a battery and its energy is supplied through the battery, but we have a series of TAGs or labels that are known as NFC tags.


That means they don`t have electronic energy by themselves and they get provided their necessary energy from other senders or receivers.


For example, you take one of these tags and enter the product’s information in it like (show, book or …) that entering process itself is a separated

process, now, if a person has a hybrid or smart phone equipped with NFC, and brings the phone closer to this tag, the tag`s electronic energy will be supplied from that smart phone and the data will be transmitted.


For example, you can understand what that product is, how much its price is, what its year of production is and … In fact, an antenna or a coil in the receiver and an antenna or coil will be embedded in the sender.

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The initial coil or antenna will be embedded in an NFC reader in smart phones and the secondary antenna or coil will be embedded in the tag.


When you put the mobile phone closer to the tag, the magnetic field will be induced inside the tag and turns into voltage, and that voltage will be used for providing energy for the tag and data conversion happens.


You can see it in the picture below:

What is an NFC tag?

As we mentioned above, you can probably distinguish what an UFC tag is.


If you want to show a product`s information to the customer or any other person, first, you should show the data of that product to the NFC tag.


This tag looks like a key or a key holder and inside of it, there is an electric circle.


NFC tags are often designed based on the passive type. This means that it doesn`t have a battery in it and it provides its necessary energy from an NFC reader like a smart mobile phone.


In the photo below, you see some samples of NFC tags. There is an antenna or coil in NFC and a memory chip or segment and a controller.


You can`t imagine that it has such a tiny size! Look at the image below:

Now, if you want to see where the NFC chip or the NFC coil is, you can see it under, in this picture, you can see the NFC antenna under the Samsung cover.


Samsung will locate the NFC`s antenna under the cover of its smart phone batteries.


Or you can see the NFC control circle in this picture:  

Function of NFC technology

NFC, more than everything, is in relation with the phone`s wallet.

An idea that replaces your smart phones with your money or cashes or ATM cards.

In this way, you can do your transition just by using a tab on the phone. The Google wallet is an example of this process.

You can save your ATM cards’ information in Google wallet, and receive a virtual ATM card and do all your transactions and purchases with it. 

The transition tickets and food tokens are samples of magnetic cards based on the NFC. 

By NFC, your phone will be converted to an ATM card, and it means that there is no need to carry so many different types of bus station cards or tickets and ATM cards, you can do the payment by your smart phone easily. 

  • You can open the door of your house by NFC card.
  • You can transmit the audio from a phone to the Bluetooth of your speaker.
  • By NFC, you can exchange files between two smartphones which are near to each other.
  • By NFC tags, you can control your mobile phone.

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In attention to the discussed topics, within field communication technology may not be a new and attractive thing, and it can be considered as a small development of a non-contact RFID payment system.


But the thing that is obvious is the effect of this technology on making daily activities and small transitions and payments faster.


It can be expected that there will be new ways of non-contact systems and finding new and better ways for transmitting the users’ information in a tag template.


We discussed briefly bout the meaning of NFC and its functions in this article. Hope you enjoyed.

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