Instruction of distinguishing of a ruined battery, how to get to know that the battery is damaged or spoiled?

Instruction of distinguishing of a ruined battery, how to get to know that the battery is damaged or spoiled?

Fortunately, you don’t need any special specialty for distinguishing whether a mobile battery is spoiled or not, and by considering the simple points we express in this article, you can guess whether your mobile battery is ruined.

So read this article until you get familiar with the signs of a ruined mobile phone battery.

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As we know, hybrid phones have been an unseparated part of our lives, and this has been even more day by day, and the worst thing in our day can be the ruined battery and being inaccessible.

Imagine that you are somewhere that needs your smartphone at the moment! 

In common situations, usually, we know when the battery and the charge are going to be over and we can use any charger in various places we are to charge it again.


From the Cigarette lighter chargers or the portable power banks and the chargers in different places.

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The limit of finishing the charging battery is detectable to us.


But when our charging battery will be finished without the previous prediction, although it hasn’t passed a lot from its charging time, half of the charge will be over, and all of our predictions will be messed up, and the stress of the depleted charger will come to us again.



Battery spoiling is something common and because of the consumable nature of the batteries, they have an almost clear battery life, and after a while, we should replace them with a new one.


For this reason, the mobile producer companies, produce different types of batteries and present them to their customers. Usually, batteries have various types.

Find out whether your mobile battery is ruined

Find out whether your mobile battery is ruined

The signs of a spoiled battery are obvious just by a little more careful observation, and you can do the battery health test simply and without any extra tools.


We will check out some signs of a ruined battery below:

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Your mobile phone gets off

In this case, your mobile phone gets off and it may never be on again.


It may not have any sign of warning or a sound to how this. In this situation, there is only one way to solve this problem and that is to change the battery.

Your mobile phone is on only when connecting to the charger

In the second case, the mobile phone is on, only when it is connected to the charger and it will turn off again when it is disconnected from the charger.

The mobile phone is healthy and works well but the battery cannot supply the necessary electronic power, in this second situation you should change the battery too.

The phone turns off in a short time

In this case, your device may be charged and the display screen shows that the battery is full when connected to the charger, but when disconnecting, after a short time, it will be turned off, and it may be mistaken with other types of the depleting battery like when using the games or various programs, but it can be inferred this type of finishing battery occurs with no reason and sign before.


It means that in this situation, the time of changing the battery has come.

The body of the battery gets very hot soon

Usually, the batteries produce warmth in case of charging and discharging and it is possible to spread the flammable combined cellules of electrolytes, and sometimes it`s likely that the produced warmth is the cause of using the device for heavy jobs.


But if you feel that the body of your phone has been hot in an unusual way, it`s time to change.

The phone battery has been distend

Most electronic vehicles use Lithium ionic batteries, the devices like phones, tablets, laptops, GPS devices, pathfinders, book readers, etc.

lithium ionic batteries have such a good function that all the companies from the Apple mac book to the Amazon Kindle company use these batteries.

Along with the benefit of these batteries, there are some disadvantages to using them like the less stable situation compared to the previous generation, being reactive and surrounded in a closed space, when the lithium batteries are ruined by too much usage or being discharged, because of being so much hot and produce and spread gases caused by dissociation of the cells, the battery cover will act as a protective layer and prevents from fire.

When the batteries are swelled and their cells are getting apart, it means that the battery life is getting over.


Moreover, the swelling can be observed and touchable by hand.


When the battery is inflated it pushes pressure to the back door of the phone or the display screen and in phones whose battery can be easily changed, they may not fit in their place because of lots of swelling.

There is a simple test for the battery: rotate the battery on a smooth screen, if the battery rotates well, it means that it is swelled.

The time of changing the battery

If one of the signs can be seen on your phone, most probably your phone needs the battery to be changed and you should consider some points before changing the battery:

Does this mobile phone worth changing the battery?

If just your phone battery is ruined, changing the battery seems good, but if both your device and your phone battery are ruined, look for another new device by considering the price of the new mobile and the battery.


Of course, by increasing the price of the batteries in the New Year, the wiser way is to buy a new one.

Increasing the battery life by complying with some simple points

With a better usage of the phones and the batteries you can help to increase their lifetime:

  • Always use your main charger or a charger that is compatible with your device.
  • Prevent your device from getting too much charged.
  • Don`t use your phone when it is connected to the charger.

And at last, we introduce you to an application to test the battery of your phone and that is the “Accubattry”.

Good luck

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