Everything we know about the Google Pixel watch

Everything we know about the Google Pixel watch

Based on the observed evidence, it seems that the first wearable gadget of Google is going to be presented. 

These days, because of the rumors that have been spread around the Google I/O event, we have heard the name “Google pixel watch” so many times.

It has been said that Google is going to reveal its hybrid watch this year.

Please read this article until the end, to check out the details about Google pixel watches.

Google has not been successful from the beginning of launching its “Wear O/S gadgets”, and we can blame Google itself.

His OS gadgets were ignored for so many years and they haven`t had a massive exchange or upgrades or any significant changes in their hardware parts.

However, from the collaboration of Google and Samsung Company in the past year, it can be said that Wear OS has come back with a few good changes.

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To achieve success, Google needs a champion device to introduce it to the world, and this has been spread that Google decided to present its pixel watches to the world.


We want to check out more accurately the rumors that have been out around this new product in the continuation of this article.

Table of contents

  • The design of the Google Pixel watch
  • Technical features of the Google Pixel watch
  • Fit script of Google pixel watch 
  • Checking out the health situation and merging feat fit bit!
  • Google pixel watch price and presentation date

The design of the Google Pixel watch

Apparently, the design of the Google pixel watch that seems to have been founded in a restaurant has been unveiled completely.

Images which were reported first by Android Central, show a round design with a part like an adjustment screw on the right side, but there are two other words which we don`t know their function yet.

Moreover, it seems that the Google smart watch will use a special interface for its wristlets, but this subject has not been confirmed and the published photos of this watch show the watches without wristlets.

This watch has a heartbeat sensor, but distinguishing what other sensors are embedded in this watch is not a simple way.

Some sources claim that this Google pixel watch has the same sensors as those in the Samsung galaxy watch.


This means that they can be presented with those bioactive sensors that can measure the heartbeat, ECG, and fatality of the body.


Also, it has been said that pixel watches will have two different sizes with at least one colorful wristlet. 

The first time that the users could observe a real view of a Google pixel watch was the time that its designer published a sample photo of what he claimed was a pixel watch and displayed its round shape.

The person who had this watch claimed on “Reddit” that its adjustment screw looks like an Apple watch and he is very satisfied with using this watch.

There have been officially published photos of this Google pixel watch from some unveiling sources.

These photos show a wearing gadget with a design and a display screen with no border and its edges are a little limp.

There is an adjustment screw on the right side of this watch and it seems it’s the only button that presents the physical control of this Google pixel watch.

In this way, it seems that the Google pixel watch is a watch with a minimal and clean design that is compatible with other pixel devices.

Also, the changeable wristlets of this watch make it somewhat customizable. 

The image above can be the first officially published photo of this device, the Google pixel watch that has been unveiled by the “91 Mobile”.

As you see in this picture, you can see the impending edge of the round screen that we mentioned before.

But, moreover, because of these features, there are user interfaces similar to Google pixel 6 and some complications for fitness and “Fit Bit”.

Also, there are some designs inspired by the conceptual art of “James TSAI”.

TSAI, by inspiration from “devices made by Google”, presented some of his artwork and their names are similar to Google naming rules.

Yet, it is not obvious how this device can be charged. However, its charge is done primarily by wireless charger and it can be done by QI.

Technical features of the Google Pixel watch

The German magazine “Win Future” reported that Google is working on 3 different watches with the code names Triton, Ling, and Sardine.


However, the recent report “Insider” explained the whole Google process for the Pixel watch that this project has been known as “Rohan”.


Yet, the concept of these password names is not obvious, and this is not determined.


Nevertheless, this device may be presented in various sizes and various technical features.


One of them can concentrate on lifestyle and daily use and uses the technology of the 40 million dollar Fossil hybrid watch and the other can be one of the best wearable gadgets by merging with Fitbit.



Based on the reports, the Pixel watch will probably use a chip from the brand “Tensor”.


This chip is based on the 5-Nano-meter exon chip that was recently founded in Galaxy watch 4, and probably some of the special tricks of Google have been applied to it.


Moreover, a report claims that watches will benefit from a 300-milliamp battery.


However, it is not obvious whether this battery is for one of the models or all of the Google wearable watches.


If this is a true subject, with this 300 milliamp capacity, most probably, the life of the Google pixel watch will look like Galaxy watch 4.

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Checking out the health situation and merging feat fit bit!

Like other existing hybrid watches in the market, pixel watches should embed so many features related to health, like gyroscope, Accelerometer, and heart rate monitor.


However, it is not obvious that it can measure other factors like oxygen blood level.

Google pixel watch price and presentation date

There are so many rumors around these two subjects, but it is said this smartwatch is going to be unveiled in May and also with the pixel 6a Google I/O event and about the price, we cannot defiantly say anything about this because it is not determined too, but probably its price be in a mid-level.

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