Summary of Google IO event in 2022

Summary of Google IO event in 2022

Take a look at what happened that night.

The Google IO event was held in 2022, a long event but full of exciting happenings that if you couldn`t watch it for any reason, you can be aware of anything happened through that event in this article.

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Every year, Google holds its events based on concentrating on the software features, but, it`s been a while since this American company talked about hardware features or even further.


It also unveiled about them. For example, the Pixel 6 could be one of the products in this category.


But this is often a software event because Google considers autumn for its hardware events every year.

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But last night, there were so many exciting happenings, from the software and hardware products that were unveiled to those that are going to be presented in the future.

They talk about all of them during last night, in a way that we don`t know where to start and where to end talking about this event`s happenings.

Maps, Android 13, Hybrid watch, Google assistant and so many other things are a part of these events that Google was going to upgrade seriously and we saw in the Company`s talking, and they were all excellent and attractive.

If you were not successful in seeing this event, we suggest you accompany us until the end of this article. The subjects that we were talking about are:

  • Map
  • Multiple searches
  • Improved video call
  • Personalized advertisements
  • Google`s wallet
  • Tablet applications
  • Support from matter
  • Google translate
  • 6a pixel
  • 7 pixels and  pro
  • Pixel watch
  • Pixel tablet
  • Smart glass

Android 13

The Android 13 was the main part of the Google IO event in 2022.


An operation system that is going to be officially introduced this fall and it seems to have many capabilities, including the possibility of changing the icon colors based on the background color, new media control widget with the possibility of displaying the singer’s art craft, improvement of privacy in some parts like clipboard (withdrawal of the clipboard history after a while), improvement of experience of working with tablets and etc.


Google Map


Google map is now one of the best and most famous accessible maps in the android ecosystem.


Every year, Google intensifies this map`s features and this year is not an exception to this rule. At this time, Google presents a feature under the name of Immerse View which displays the areas in a 3D shape to the users.


This sufficiency has even gone further in the buildings and now displays some of the street data to you in order that you can keep an eye on everything more carefully.


For example, Immerse View can simulate the climate weather and traffic and also lets you to change the display mode.


Android developers can enjoy more of this feature in their applications, and they can bring about the joy of experiencing the virtual usage of them to the users. 

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Multiple research

The main Google service is Google search. This part is upgraded every year, but this year, it is called very powerful by an instrument called multiple research, in a way that you can search for the various scenes with the help of Google lens.


With this feature, Google wants to make finding processes and shopping data and … easier.


The process is that, for example, if you don`t know what is the name of the food or segment you are looking for, you can easily take a picture from it and enter the phrase “near me” next to the picture, in the Google address bar.


Google will show you the nearest restaurant or the shop which has this food or segment. 



Finding the scene is just like finding a word in a file. By pressing ctrl+ F, you can access the necessary tool.


To use this technology, you need to just take the lens of your mobile camera on a product you want in a store, then you will see how the information of that product displays on your screen.


Also, one of the exciting parts of this research, is that you can assess the skin tone of people!


For instance, imagine you are in a store that want to shop for beauty products like foundations, and you want to check the color on your skin to find out whether it matches with it or not, you also can change the skin color on the portraits that Google has provided for you, then you can buy the product with a better concept and match with your needs.



Video call improvement



Video call is now the main part of everybody`s life nowadays. Especially so many people have done their job through this platform because of the Covid19 disease.  Google has announced that it is going to upgrade Google chat in line with the improvement of the user`s video call. Moreover, they can change the brightness through video call.

Personalized advertisements

Google’s services are highly advertising oriented. This year, the American Company has run a part with the name” My add center” so that users can control the advertisements they are seeing on the internet!


In this section, users have this option to deactivate the personalized advertisements and even choose what kind of advertisement to display to them.

Google wallet

The Android 13 will be presented with a new software “Google wallet” which has many similarities with the Apple wallet, but not just doing the paid services, but also lets them to use physical cards to have a safer payment process.



Tablet applications


Google had a preview at its Google IO event in 2022, so that users could have more optimal usage of a bigger screen.


Furthermore, Google is having a collaboration with other platforms like Tic Toc to improve the quality of the applications.

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Support from matter

Matter is a new platform that Amazon, Apple and similar companies support.


At the Google IO event, the company announced that there will be devices equipped with matter services so that we can connect the hybrid home appliance to the Google home and HOME KIT with it.

Google assistance

This is now one of the best smart assistants in the world, but in the Google IO event, the company upgraded it.


One of the best features of this assistant is to determine the natural mood when talking. Also, it is no longer necessary to call Google to assist.


If you have a product with a camera, you can look at it and ask questions.

6a pixel, 7 pixel and pixel buds pro

These are the hardware products that were unveiled at the Google IO event in 2022.


The most important was the 6a pixel, which has an OLED display screen. Its finger print scanner is under the screen and benefits from the same chips which are in the 6 pixel series.



The Pixel 7 series has two different parts, standard and pro, with a new processor and artificial intelligence and a powerful image processor.

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Pixel watch and pixel tablet

These two products are going to be presented in 2023, but a smart watch was officially presented at the Google IO event in 2022.


A watch that we knew had a round shape and a Wear OS operation system. This is going to be a very attractive and powerful gadget.

Smart glass

There was just a teaser of this product at the end of the Google IO event in 2022 that revealed the company has decided to present it to the market as one of these augmented reality products in the near future.


Even if you are not interested in Google products, that night was amazing and very exciting. So many users are using the Google services and apps, and the more Google upgrades and develops, the better for them. Not to mention, most of these services are more compatible with android mobiles.

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