Comparison of the two top phones: Legion phone 2 and ROG phone 5

Comparison of the two top phones: Legion phone 2 and ROG phone 5

These days, the knowledge of the phones is improving in a pretty fast way, that we can`t even have the time to check out all of them.

But here are the two top phones that are worthwhile taking a look at and making a comparison between, before going to buy.

But, because so many people may not know what these two are, we want to make them more familiar first with their features and then check out what their differences are. 

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We are going to talk about Legion Phone 2 and ROG phone 5. The best gaming phones in the world!

We know that everybody wants to have a very modern and advanced phone, even if they don`t have anybody to talk with, but we know this too, that the functions of such amazing phones not just lead to talking, but they have so many benefits to offer to the users that brings about having a phone with such a great quality.

So if you want to purchase an amazing phone but you don`t know which one is better, we guide you to the right choice. Be with us till the end of this article.

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The two giants of mobile gaming popularity reasons

Mobile gaming is getting popular very fast day by day among people and different kinds of societies in a way that everybody in any age or social position wants to try it out at least one time.


One of the reasons for this popularity is the easy access to mobile phones.


Perhaps, not everybody has a gaming console or a system to do professional gaming, but we can certainly say that 99 % of the people of the world have access a hybrid or smart phones.


However, thanks to the different variety of adjustments and the plenty of options in mobile gaming, you can adjust these games with every mobile feature and make them more compatible with them, but the nature of the human follows the best experience.


Almost everybody in the world knows the ASUS and ROG series as the best gaming products, so ROG phone 5 is the best gaming phone in the world.


This claim was correct if it didn`t do a challenge with LENOVO Legion phone5, to achieve the “best gaming mobile” title.

Monster screens on Lenovo Legion phone 2 and ASUS ROG phone 5

Lenovo, with its 6.92 inch monster screen, presents one of the biggest display screens for the players and is just a bit smaller than the 6.78 inch ASUS phone screen.


Both of them benefit from the AMOLED panel, the renovation rate is 114 hertz, and the attractive features that the gaming phones have, I mean, the Shoulder Triggers, which are the two touch pads on the side of the phones and act like R1 and L1 buttons in game controllers and rockers.

The design comparison

The design of both the Lenovo Legion phone 2 and ASUS ROG phone 5 emphasizes horizontal usage and all of the existing ports are designed on the side of the phones in order not to play like an obstacle in front of your hands.


Both of the SIM cards have 5G internet, and are equipped with stereo speakers and they have two vibrant motors in order to transmit a real sense of a game.

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Legion 2 phones and ROG 5 both have chosen the latest model of Snap Dragon as their heart beating, with an amount of RAM that you cannot even think about.


The cameras behind the two products have been faced with some weaknesses and the maximum concentration is on recording the contents or streaming on the camera selfie, in order to have a complete device compatible with all of the users` gaming needs.


Moreover, both of the phones benefit from REG lightening behind the phone frame, which is sited on the ROG 5 Republic of gamer’s logo, and they are seen on all of these series products, and also there is a logo of the Legion series of Lenovo Company on the Legion 2.

Embedding a beautiful fan in Legion 2 and the fan of the ROG phones

Certainly, if you put both of these phones near to each other, the first thing that attracts your attention is the protrusion behind the Legion 2 frame.


This protrusion is basically the fan that is embedded in the back frame of Legion phone 2.


This fan has been designed intelligently without sacrificing its outward beauty in order to eliminate the need to buy a fan separately.

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But in ROG phone 5 it has a little difference and ASUS makes you to buy a fan for your phone, the good point is that the Company presents the fan to the customers for free.


This claim that the design of the fan of the Legion 2 in an inner way is something portable is completely correct, but on the other hand, this points out the heavier weight of the Legion 2 phone than the ROG 5 phone.


But in the end, it can be said that the technical design of the Lenovo with other equipment that is prone to overheating are more intelligent than the ROG 5 phone.

Both of these gaming phones, Legion 2 and ROG 5 phones, benefited from different amounts of RAM and processor.


To reach the highest amount of efficiency of Legion, it`s enough to turn on Rampage mode, but in ROG phone 5, although this mode is in your hand, you should buy the lateral fan which we talked about above to reach the X mode + .



Both of the phone`s fan noises are equal, but it can be said that the voice in the Legion 2 phone fan can be annoying for some sensitive people.


To solve this problem, you can heighten the volume of your mobile or you can use headphones while playing, and if you do that, you will never hear the fan`s annoying noises. 

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