The Huawei manifesto for wireless headphones free buds 5i

The Huawei manifesto for wireless headphones free buds 5i

One day, Huawei disclosed its new wireless free buds 5i headphones on its tweeter page and then only after a few hours, this product was officially introduced in a ceremony.

These new free buds from Huawei have dual drivers and they are benefited by 4 microphones to decrease 47 decibel noise.

The new generation of Huawei wireless headphones is lighter in contrast with the previous version and presents them with a more powerful, stable battery.

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The New generation of Huawei features in a brief

The Huawei Company has just revealed its wireless headphones free buds 5i free, which is the new version of the previous free buds 4i that were introduced last year.

This headphone is improved by the ANC (the elimination of unwanted noises) ability, a lighter weight and a more powerful battery that has made it an economy option in the market.

3 state elimination of unwanted noises

The new wireless headphones free buds 5i have the technology to decrease the unwanted noise of the environment, and you can decrease the voice of the environment to 42 decibels when you put the state at its maximum limitation. 

It also has a technology of artificial intelligence that can transferee the voice of the other side, when phone calls and any noise can be heard in the phone call.

Dynamic drivers of free buds 5i

The free buds 5i headphones have dynamic drivers which can match the output sound to the shape of the users` ears.


In order to transfer the best quality of voice, the new Huawei headphones are being supported by the LADC codecs and the Hi-Res.


In addition, this Huawei headphone uses a Bluetooth 5.2 with a Multi-point connection that gives the user the opportunity of switching between mobile, tablets and TV.


There is also a gaming state that makes the delays the audio to 96 Ms.

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The comparison between the free buds 5i headphones and the previous version 4i

If we want to compare these two versions, the charge case of the new Huawei is softer and more polished and the dotted design can be seen on the surface.

The whole weight of the charger has reached 33, decreasing 18% in weight, and each bud is 4 grams.

The battery of the free buds 5i has had a good improvement and the life of the batteries reaches 28 hours with a case in deactivate mode, and to 18.5 hours by activating the ANC mode.

In the continuation of this article, you are going to be more familiar with this new generation of Huawei, the free buds 5i headphones. 

One of the professionals and well-priced headphones

The Huawei free buds 5i, is one of the most professional headphones on the market that has a rare quality in audio, especially in music, and has given so many useful opportunities to users that finding such a headphone can be difficult today.


We can offer to the fans of these kinds of headphones, the new free bud 5i headphones by Huawei.

If you are a pro of a music profession, you can analyze the broadcasting waves through a speaker and evaluate the final quality.


If you want to listen to your voices and audio, the best choice is to listen to the Huawei wireless free buds 5i, devices which have tiny dimensions that have solved the problems of the old versions and made listening to music so much enjoyable and easier for the users.


But as we mentioned above, a feature of a good headphone is that it transmits the voice to the ears of the listener, just as it is. Furthermore, by eliminating the unwanted voices of the environment, it has the ability to connect with other devices without any problem.

The design quality of the Huawei free headphones

It can definitely be said that most of the headphones in the market have a similar design, and the inner components and the quality they present are the same.


But in this discussion, we should have a separate place for the Huawei free buds 5i headphones.


A device that has a delicate and beautiful design and, of course, a different one, which you may see similar ones in the market but certainly they don`t have the same quality.

3 series of silicone pods for the users to enjoy the fit and the music as well

The free buds 5i has 3 different series for different sizes of ears, so that customers can use these without concern about the air pods falling while doing sports or workout.


The unique design of the pods lets air pressure go around the ear to decrease the extra pressure on the ears.


Also, the harmonization of the air buds with the user’s ears, prevents them from falling during the movements.



And we should point out the various beautiful colors of the free buds 5i headphones, which are solid silver, black carbon and ceramic white.


There are 3 special classic colors that can provide the users` needs considering the careful attention of Huawei to the design and can respond to the different tastes.



Considering the things mentioned above, this is a small and compact headphone which is designed for sensitive people in design and the class of headphones.

Battery and the charging of the free buds 5i headphones

Another important part of these headphones is their battery and charging.


Because of the small dimensions of the headphones, it is important to optimize the hardware which is going to be embedded in such a small device and, at the same time, to charge the device well.


For this reason, Huawei has used a 55 milliamp hourly battery in each of the air buds and also a 580 milliamp hourly battery inside the case that can be used anytime to charge.


As a whole, this device can be charged for 36 hours at just a one-time charge. If the noise elimination of the air bud is off, you can use the air buds for just one time charge. 



The free bud 5i can be used for 3.5 hours speaking through phone calls, that this time can be more up to 16 hours by using the whole pack of the charging case, The Huawei free buds 5i headphones are devices with many specifications and freedom in action, features that have been designed with sensitivity and carefully to have the most efficient performance.

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