The IPhone will be replaced by the new generation of Apple smart glasses!

The IPhone will be replaced by the new generation of Apple smart glasses!

The new product of Apple glasses which is called “smart Glasses” will probably be released to the market in 2024.

Based on the comments of JEF POW, technology analyzer of the Haitong research company, the smart glasses of Apple have finally entered the design-development phase, and will be presented to stores in the first half of the year 2024.

He also revealed that the Luxshare Company is one of the main suppliers of the devices that are going to be released to the market at the end of the 2022 to 2024 years.

“The initial sample called Apple AR Glass, will be available by the end of the next year” Said Jeff.

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This glass concentrates on augmented reality, but another project that Apple Company is handling and working on is the combined-reality headsets that are going to be introduced by the end of this year or next year.

This headset is based on both augmented reality and combined reality (AR/VR), but the smart glass of Apple is just based on augmented reality and the analyzers have declared that it could be a replacement for the IPhone by the next 10 years.

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Jeff POW has also said that it is not obvious whether one or two models of IPhone 15 pro will be provided by the periscope lenses or not.


He said “the Lante Company is planning to increase the amount of production, and it seems it has a good chance to be one of the main suppliers of periscope lenses”.



By considering this, it seems that the IPhone 15 pro is going to contain a creative periscope lens, although this lens is going to be just for the Max version and the Pro model of this is not going to be profited.

But what really is Apple smart glasses?

Although this is very good news that the IPhone is going to be replaced by the Apple smart glasses, so many people may not know what this really is or what features it has.


In this article we are going to make you more familiar with this creative version and its specifications, and also how the knowledge and the technology used in its design is going to help us have an easier and a better life.

Everything we know about Apple smart glasses

It`s been many years since there were rumors around of the release of a new product by Apple, the company which calls Smart Glasses, yet, we can`t talk about this gadget feature certainly and it seems we have to wait for some years till it gets released to the market.


But in this article we are going to discuss everything we know about this future product.

The probable history

Some news say that the Apple Company is going to present its first combined reality headset by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.


Some sources have predicted it is going to be released in 2023 and some others say that we should wait for it till 2024-2025.

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The price of Apple smart glass

One of the whistleblowers revealed that the smart glass of Apple Company is going to be presented to the market at a price of 500 dollars.


This is because some of the headsets are more expensive. We should add that these kinds of headsets have strong hardware power, but the body of a glass can`t embed the hardware components inside.


For this reason, this glass is probably going to be used as an IPhone to do iPhone. In this part, we can point out similar devices that have the same mechanism, but they don`t offer significant features.


Probable features and specifications of Apple smart Glass

According to Bloomberg news, the smart glass of Apple brings so much useful data in front of the users` eyesight.


Specifically, this glass is going to be synced with an IPhone screen to give so much data to the user.


Apparently, Apple is preparing a special app store for its headsets and smart glasses, so that the developers can put their applications on this platform.

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Because of the published news, Apple is going to produce a smart glass which even people with medical glasses will be able to use too.


Of course, this technology is not going to happen for the first generation of these glasses.


Besides, a teaser has been published that these glasses can put images on the eye retina, it can trace the eyesight and adjust the angle of the radiate to the eye pupil automatically.


By the profit of this situation, so many problems related to the headsets and augmented reality glasses or virtual reality are going to be solved.


Apple has also expressed in this document that so many health problems like headache, nausea and eyesore because the brain tries to concentrate on distant objects, but the reality is that these objects are near a display screen that is some centimeters away from the eyes, but the shine of the images on the pupil of the eyes provides the same of the real screen for people.


As we mentioned, Apple has so many patents that just a few of them have been published to people. On the other hand, it is not necessary that all of these patents to be executed for all people.



The Apple smart glass may have a technology of tracing the movements of the fingers and hands, so the users can do some of their desired job with their hands and benefit from this technology.

Improvement of users’ privacy by IPhone and its relation with Apple smart glasses

In another one of the patents, we can observe an attractive alternative to increase the privacy of IPhone users.


As you can see in this picture, the users of these Apples smart glasses can do something so that the content of their display screen can be viewable just to them and for the people around, the content will be shown blurred.



As we said, we cannot defiantly talk about the hardware of this new generation, but we can have some guess by considering the available technologies.


If this glass is dependent on the IPhone for its processing, so the connection should be done through Wi-Fi. Because Bluetooth doesn`t have the necessary bandwidth for this connection. 

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