Really important Introduction of Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watch with 2 weeks battery life!

Really important Introduction of Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watch with 2 weeks battery life!

The birthday of the Fossil Family

The American Fossil Company disclosed one of the newest versions of the hybrid watches, The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid, on Monday 2021.

The Fossil Gen 6, which is known as the 6th generation of fossil hybrid watches, doesn`t have a massive difference from the previous generation, but some of its hardware specifications have been upgraded.

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Just like the Gen 5 smart watches, the hybrid Gen6 watches have arrived on the market with so many different types of designs and useful specifications and some of these watches are being sold under the brand name “Michael Kores”.

None of the new smart versions of the Fossil watches are not equipped with LTE connections.

In this article we are going to discover more about these attractive family watches and their awesome features.

The embedded co-process to enhance speed

One of the positive points of the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches is their process part.

The Gen6 Hybrid watches are the first family of fossils that the Snap dragon wears 4100+ that has been used in their construction.

The biggest difference between these chips and the standard prescriptions is obviously adding a co-processor of the Snap dragon wear 4100+ to them.

This co-processor has picked up the extra load from the main chipset and by doing this, it will get faster. This technology has so many amazing benefits, like: 

  • Turning on the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watch screen at the same time as turning your wrists. 
  • Measuring the heartbeats continuously 
  • Sleep tracing and step counting

We should add that the wear 4100+ has been intensified to 85% in comparison with wear 3100+ and its usage has been decreased to 25%.


Double stronger battery than other Hybrid watches in the world!

Based on the claim of the Fossil Company, the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches has a strong and powerful battery that the other similar in the world and because of that, it has a much faster speed that the others.

Although Fossil has not specified which brand it is comparing to his new generation, we know that the battery charging time is relatively long in Samsung smart watches too.

Fossil Company claims that the supply of the battery goes up to 80% in just a little more than 30 minutes of charging time.

Fossil has guaranteed a 24 hour charging time in the case of normal and usual use.  These Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches also have another option which is Smart battery mode.

By activating this Mode, you can make the charging time of the watch longer, up to a few days! But obviously, in this case, the user will be deprived of some necessary functions of the smart watch.

Ring design modification in Fossil Gen Hybrid watches

The other point in these watches, is a change in the design of their rings.

Apparently, in the previous generation, this segment was going to be frazzled, but in the new product we now see 4 half metal rings lying on a plastic template with a cheek mode.

This not only prevents rings from falling, but also provides a USB connection gate.

This type of connection, in addition to helping a fast charger process, makes it easier for the developers to side load and test the applications.

Other improvements in Fossil Gen Hybrid watches

Another thing that has been improved in these Fossil family smart watches compared with the previous ones, is in its sensors.


Thanks to the upgrading of the heartbeat sensors in Gen6, the continuous tracing of this quantity has been possible and the accuracy of its signal has gone up.


The system of measuring blood saturation or SPO2 is a new member of Gen 6. SPO2 can present the oxygen blood in a new cheek mode too.

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In this watch face, the amount of oxygen is displayed along with the other quantities like lost calories, the number of steps, the aerobic fitness level, sleep tracing and the heartbeats.

We should note that other comparatives of the same class are equipped with technologies in health and fitness that Gen6 is not equipped with.

For example, Electrocardiography or heart recording and blood pressure monitoring are the massive absence of the Gen 6 Fossil family.

Accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light sensor, compass and gyroscope are the other parts of this watch`s sensors.

Other Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watch features

The other features of Gen 6 smart watches are like the previous model.


The body watch that is made of stainless steel is going to be produced in two different sizes, 42 and 44 meters.


In all models, there are 2 physical buttons where the central button has a turning state (like the digital touch in Apple watch), the round display screen is a type of AMOLED and has a 1.28 inch diameter, and its compression has been advertised at 320 pixels X inch.


Speaker, microphones and vibrating engine are the other embedded technology in the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches.

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches connections

In terms of connections, there are some options, like Bluetooth 5, GPS and NFC chips are considered for these Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid smart watches.

It goes without saying, 6 Gen can be durable at 3 atmospheric pressure under water.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches lack LTE connections.

Of course, if the Gen 6 continues this way, soon or late, the LTE version of this Hybrid watch comes to the market. 

Disappointing points of the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid watches

One of the disappointing points of these Gen 6 smart watches is their operating system.


While the new generation of the Hybrid watches on the market, like the Samsung Galaxy watch, have been entered the market via the Wear OS 3 operating system, Fossil has decided to reach them to the user with the old version of operating system platform 2.


Fossil Company has announced updating the OS of these watches to Wear OS 3 in 2022, but the exact date of this is not obvious yet.

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