Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s thoughtful design, innovative software, and outstanding health sensor make for a promising upgrade that is cheaper than last year’s version.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s sharp design, innovative software, and superior health sensors enable a promising upgrade at a lower cost than last year’s version.

In addition, the classic model still features the famous rotating bezel. Benefits of The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 feels familiar but different.

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 + Slim design and new dial

 + The new Wear OS feels like Tizen, but there are more apps

 + The first major smartwatch with body composition analysis

 + Affordable than the disadvantages of the Galaxy Watch 3


 -Concerns about BIA sensors

 -Battery life may be inconsistent.

In short, it’s the best way possible. It looks like a Galaxy Watch, but this iteration is sharper and more sophisticated.

The software works like Tizen, but the updated Google Wear OS platform is practical and accurate.

Samsung has abolished the “Active” brand in its latest lineup and instead announced the “Classic” version, which inherits the luxury features of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, with the sporty-looking Galaxy Watch 4 as its flagship.

The Galaxy Watch 4 includes a 3-in-1 health sensor that measures heart rate, obtains ECG, and reads body composition.

This is the first significant smartwatch to offer bioelectrical impedance analysis. Can you feel the Apple Watch 7 nervous?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic features more sophisticated materials such as a stainless steel case, leather strap, and physically rotating bezel. Think of it as the “edition” line of the Apple Watch.

Apart from the fact that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is much more affordable than the Apple Watch Edition model, which is usually made of premium materials such as ceramic and titanium.

It’s $ 100 more expensive than the standard Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but the entry-level price is cheaper than the Apple Watch 6.

 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Design

 Both versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 feature a redesigned frame that allows a seamless transition from the smart watch body to the strap.

The uniform set of crown buttons features an elongated shape rather than a protruding round crown with flush side buttons.

Despite these subtle changes, the Galaxy Watch 4 pays homage to past Galaxy Watch models.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a rotating bezel that is a convenient navigation tool and a great fidget spinner.

Since the original Samsung Galaxy Watch debuted on the bezel, it has become a product symbol, just like the S Pen. —  Galaxy Note smartphone.

The physically rotating bezel (which we love) is on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but the Vanilla Galaxy Watch 4 has a touch-enabled bezel similar to Active 2.

Both devices feature a more prominent and brighter display than before, providing longer battery life and health features aimed at providing a more holistic view of your current health charger.

Again, these are the first two devices with WearOS 3.

Galaxy Watch Worth Buying?

 Yes, of course. If you are looking for the best Wear OS smartwatch, you can buy the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.


However, there are two different smartwatches so the user can choose this time.


The Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are very similar.


The Galaxy Watch 4 uses a smaller, thinner, lighter, capacitive touch-based virtual rotating bezel instead of the physical rotating bezel you get with Classic.

However, you can use the same display size overall. You can also take advantage of the same features, similar internal hardware, and the same software experience.


These are some of the complete smartwatches you can get. The BIA sensor on the device is also worth mentioning. After 15 seconds of recording, Galaxy Watch 4 attempts to determine specific body composition indicators such as skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), water retention, and body fat percentage.

Users can also set personal goals for body composition analysis.


Through a partnership with Centre: According to Chris Hems worth, watches even provide insights and tips for achieving body composition goals.



To get the correct readings, you must enter manual data such as height and weight.


This was pretty accurate compared to Jimmy’s smart scale but could not be compared to the precise information available with professional body composition analyzers.



Sleep tracking is essential for many users, and the Galaxy Watch 4 can last for more than a day on a single charge, so many owners may wear the watch on their bed.


The Galaxy Watch 4 series tracks your sleep stages at night and gives you a sleep score in the morning.

More About the Watch

In addition, Samsung offers personalized sleep instruction based on user sleep data measured by the clock.

These programs will help you build better sleep habits that will help your overall health in 4-5 weeks. If you have a Galaxy smartphone, the watch will also work with your mobile phone to detect snoring linked to your blood oxygen saturation readings.

Your smartphone will see your snoring all night and provide this data on Samsung Health.

It also captures blood oxygen data every morning and logs every minute instead of every 30 minutes, as you would typically see on a fitness watch.

 Regarding fitness tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series provides transfer features such as a digital running coach (liked on Galaxy Watch 3) and VO2max data. However, Galaxy Watch 4 users can also view the% of VO2 max value while running and adjust the load in real-time.

For safer cycling, users can also see the heart rate and calories measured by the Galaxy Watch 4 on the screen of the mounted mobile phone and screen protectors

Watches also provide runners and cyclists with interval training support.

Finally, Samsung states that these devices start automatic workout recognition much faster than older models.

After a workout, users can access water loss information and measure heart rate recovery.

 What’s New?

The Watch 4 series comes in two screen sizes, 1.2 inches and 1.4 inches in diameter.

The physical swivel knob provides a more prominent watch face with 46mm and 42mm options for the classic model.

The standard model has 44mm and 40mm faces. The Classic is thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Watch 3. For a comfortable fit, the Standard Watch 4 is the most delicate and lightest of all.

The Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the same, except for the design differences.

Therefore, the rest of this comparison will compare Watch3 and Watch4 Classic. The rotating bezel returns, and the only difference in appearance is the button.

They stay on the far right of the watch, but this time they are flatter and more extended.

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