Two New Garmin Smartwatches Were Introduced

Two New Garmin Smartwatches Were Introduced

We have tested the best Garmin watches to help you find the flawless watch for your wrist. Not an easy task: Garmin now has a smartwatch for everyone, from triathletes and endurance runners to beginners and people who don’t even exercise.

With more Garmin watches being released almost every month, it’s no wonder people need help finding the best Garmin watch for their needs.

You can buy a smartwatch through

Garmin is best known for making some of the best running watches.

Still, they also make a vast range of other wearables, from every day – if not cheap – smartwatches like the Venu 2 to advanced multisport watches like the Epix, which is the Generation 2—looking for the best cheap running watch? Garmin has you covered with the excellent Forerunner 55.

We slept, trained, and recovered with all of the Garmin watches listed below to determine which is best. We evaluated the accuracy of their GPS tracking, the responsiveness of their heart rate monitors, and the quality of their training tools.

We also evaluated battery life, display quality, and overall design, so you know how they will be worn and used during workouts and daily use. The best Garmin watches.

Details About the Garmin Smart Watches

The Garmin Venu 2 strikes a delicate balance between smartwatch and sports watch and successfully offers the best of both worlds.

Its design is understated and does not scream “sports watch,” but it comes with an impressive range of training tools, including precise GPS, quick access to Garmin Coach workouts, responsive monitoring of heart rate, cadence, splits, and more.

There are plenty of indoor workout modes, and the watch even syncs with compatible gym equipment and third-party fitness and diet apps.

On the front of the smartwatch is built-in storage for 650 songs, plus third-party music apps from Deezer and Amazon Music.

You can see your daily schedule at a glance, check your heart rate, water intake, and stress levels, log period symptoms, get smartphone notifications and send replies, and more.

It is all made possible by the super high-resolution AMOLED display with three brightness settings and an optional always-on mode that lets you see a massive amount of data at a glance without digging into your phone.


The Venu 2 is an excellent general-purpose Garmin watch and comes highly recommended.

In January 2022, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus was released – a new smartwatch that retains the best features of the Venu 2 and adds a microphone so you can make calls and access your phone’s voice assistant from your wrist.


It is a great addition and worth considering if you can afford the extra expense.



We were big fans of the original Garmin Instinct, but it has always been a functional watch – clunky and stoic.


The Instinct 2 retains the best features of its predecessor (including a shock-resistant fiber-reinforced resin body and exceptional battery life) and packs it into a slimmer body that now comes in two sizes: 45mm or 40mm for smaller wrists.

It is a fully multisport watch with carefully designed tracking modes for a wide range of activities, and runners, cyclists, and swimmers are mainly well served.



You get the advanced training tools you would expect from a modern Garmin watch, including training tips, recovery time guidance, and load tracking so you can find the right balance between effort and rest.


Instinct 2 also lets you download new apps, data fields, and faces from Garmin Connect IQ and comes in more fun colors than the original Instinct.



It is generally a more wearable watch, whether you are working or not.


The standard Instinct 2 offers impressive battery life. Still, while the first-generation Instinct Solar could hypothetically run indefinitely on a single charge, the company says it’s now a practical option if you spend enough time outdoors.



We were impressed with our tests’ performance; even with regular workouts, the power meter barely moved when there was enough sun.


The only downside is that the memory-in-pixel monochrome display is not great for maps, and you get far less detail than a watch like the Fenix ​​7 or Epix (Gen 2).

However, the mid-range price of the Instinct 2 makes it very tempting, and it comes highly recommended.

The Garmin Epix (Gen 2) essentially has all the best features of the Fenix ​​7 and adds a stunning AMOLED color display.

The result is a super-premium sport watch that will take your training to the next level, with images, maps, and graphics visible at a glance.

However, this screen consumes much more power than the Fenix ​​7’s MiP screen, with much shorter battery life.


Still, it is very respectable for an AMOLED smartwatch, especially one that’s sturdy and feature-rich for everyday use and fitness tracking.



Garmin describes it as a watch for athletes looking to toggle between indoor and outdoor training, and the wide range of training profiles fits this perfectly.


When training outdoors, Garmin’s legacy in satellite positioning has its own.


Epix establishes a GPS lock faster than any other watch we have tested, tracks your runs and rides with impressive accuracy, and helps you find your way with highly detailed and vibrant maps.

Garmin has been investing in introducing the latest innovation to its smartwatch range for several years.

Dedicated to offering a unique offering, Garmin has launched exclusive models for its watch partners, including premium materials.

These materials include additional premium leather bands and Titanium DLC.

Garmin has done fantastic results in the jewelry channel to date and is investing in building on that success.

In 2022, Garmin will continue to build strong partnerships with major retail partners, including Goldsmiths, who will supply Garmin in their stores in Liverpool, Leeds, and Meadow hall.

Garmin’s collection of luxury sports watches – the MARQ series – is also expected to be updated in 2022.

Devices in the MARQ II series include Aviator, Captain, Golfer, Adventurer, and Athlete. The only omission from the first generation is Driver. It can also fall, but later.

Both new smartwatches from Garmin are worth the payment and the wait, so buy one from our official website at and do not worry about the quality and delivery process.

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