The Reason Behind the AirPod Not Charging

The Reason Behind the AirPod Not Charging

AirPods are Apple products, and we know that when we say Apple, we talk about expensive products that are at the same time very lucky and classy.

There can be different issues with any electronics we use. It does not matter what brand we use.

Electronics tend to often disfunction, and it is something prevalent. When you overuse or inappropriately use them, they will surely show you their negative sides and start dis functioning.

Air pads are also electronic devices used by all today as it is very comfortable and classy. Aren’t they?

We use a USB cable and adaptor to charge the air pads, but they can sometimes stop functioning and stop charging.

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So let us read through to understand what are the reasons behind the Air pads not charging and can we do anything about it or not. Read till the end.

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The Reasons Behind the AirPad Not Charging

Your AirPads are designed to give you at least 4.5 hours of music on a single charge and up to 30 hours if you charge them repeatedly from the charging case.

But sometimes things go wrong, and your AirPads don’t charge as they should.

Here are some reasons why this can happen and how you can fix it. There can be several reasons why your AirPads are not charging.

They could have dirty contacts making it impossible to connect the AirPods to the charging case, and something could be blocking your case’s charging port, meaning that’s actually the problem, or there could be software glitches in the process.

You might even find that something as simple as a dead AirPods case is the problem.

How Do We Charge Our AirPods?

These troubleshooting steps will help you determine if you can charge your AirPads and get them working again.



Charge your AirPads. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s possible you haven’t put your AirPods in their case to charge them in a while, even though you thought you had.


To be safe, drop the AirPods into the case and wait for the charging light to come on. If so, there may be nothing wrong with your AirPads.

If the light does not come on, there is probably a problem somewhere in the process of charging the AirPods, so keep following these steps until you find it.



Check your connections. Do your AirPads make contact with the charging case when you charge them?


The small silver tip is where the charging happens, and when you place your AirPads into the charging case, you should feel a satisfying magnetic snap as the AirPads are seated properly.

If this isn’t happening, you may need to replace your battery case, but before you do, try the next step first.


If your AirPods are not seating properly, or if the top of your AirPods case won’t close, remove the AirPods to see if there’s something blocking them from fitting correctly into the case.



Clean your AirPads. If your AirPads are dirty, the connection points that allow for the AirPads to charge might not be completing a circuit.


Try cleaning your AirPads, then put them back in the case to see if they start charging.



Update the firmware of your AirPads. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your AirPods firmware, you may have missed an update, and this could be the culprit.


Try updating the firmware, then follow the steps above to see if your AirPods charge.



If you follow these steps and your AirPads still won’t charge, there may be a problem with the AirPads case.

Why Is My AirPods Case Not Charging?

If you’ve tried charging your AirPads and nothing seems to work, you might have a problem with the AirPads case. Try these troubleshooting steps to see if you can find and fix the problem.

Check your connections. If you suspect that the AirPods case is not charging, the most likely cause is something preventing the charging connection, and this is most likely because the charging cable is not fully seated during wired charging, the cable is damaged, or the case is not making good contact with the wireless charging pad if it charges wirelessly.

Disconnect and reconnect the cable to see if your charging indicator lights up. If not, try a different cable. If you charge wirelessly, try a wired charging connection.


Charge your AirPads case. When your AirPads case is charging, make sure it is fully charged. When fully charged, the charging light will turn green.

Understanding what the AirPad LED colors mean. Check your charging status on your iPhone. With your AirPods case connected to the charger, open the lid and hold it next to your phone.  



After a second or two, the status of your AirPods should be displayed on your iPhone. Make sure there is a lightning bolt next to the charge percentage for the AirPods case, which means the case is charging.

When Nothing Else Works

If you have tried everything and can’t charge your AirPads or AirPad case, you have the option of replacing either the AirPads or the charging case.

If your AirPads are still under warranty, Apple can replace the non-working part.

If they are not already under warranty, one option is to try PodSwap, a service designed specifically to replace dead AirPods.

To check that your AirPads are charging properly, open the case with the AirPads inside and place it next to your paired iPhone.

You can see the battery status of your AirPods and their case on your iPhone screen. When you see lightning bolt icons next to battery icons, you know your AirPads and case are charging. If the battery icon is missing, the device will not charge.

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