Choose The Best Gamepad for Your Mobile phone

Choose The Best Gamepad for Your Mobile phone

Choosing the best does not always mean choosing the most expensive ones. We often consider the high price with good quality, but it is not always the case.


You can get the best gamepad for your mobile phone at an affordable cost from the official website of the and never worry about its quality or durability.


Years of experience and hard work made us a trusted supplier of accessories online, and we have got nothing but faithful clients and a unique place in the hearts of the people.


In this regard, let us read a bit more about the gamepad for mobile phones and how you can get one from us.

Some Gamepads for Mobile Phone

Listen carefully if you are one of those gamers accustomed to backlit keyboards.

This gamepad with its semi-transparent lid, matte finish, adjustable LED-backlit colored action buttons, and straight stick is a solid choice – despite its looking a bit odd when only one side of the controller is on.

There are plenty of features we love about this controller, from the configurable M1 through M4 buttons on the base to the six-axis gyroscope that accurately tracks movement and reflects it in your game – not to mention the five-way adjustable dual vibration.

Game Sir T4 Pro wireless gamepad has a 600mAh USB-C rechargeable battery.

Some players have claimed that it offers up to 30 hours of gameplay, which is a decent amount of time.

The battery life is impressive, and you can choose between Bluetooth and wired connectivity.

PowerA Moga Hero

PowerA’s Moga Hero Power Gamepad is one of the best controllers on the market. Its well-known ergonomic design includes injected rubber grips and is comfortable in your hands.

You can easily choose between a Bluetooth or wired USB connection based on your choice and preference, ideal for gaming at home or on the go, and charge your gamepad with the included micro USB cable.

It’s powered by a 3,000mAh power bank that, as a bonus, charges your phone while you play or between sessions and features a detachable and adjustable phone clip that fits devices up to 3.12 inches wide.

With two precision analog sticks, a directional pad, a menu button, and four action buttons, you are pretty well covered no matter your game.


One of the best features of this gamepad is the two assignable advanced gaming buttons on the base, which are great for changing button assignments on the fly.

The Moga Hero Power also features a battery level indicator, wireless/wired switch, and power bank switch.

We also like the retractable kickstand, making it easy to take a break between sessions. It’s worth it.

Rotor Riot USB-C Gamepad

Another gamepad with a very familiar design, the Rotor Riot Gamepad, is a solid choice if you want a wired gamepad with an optional phone holder.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity as it connects to devices with its USB-C connection.

Of course, that means there is no internal battery, a bonus if you don’t want to keep multiple devices charged – but it does mean the controller draws power from your phone to work, which can hurt the life of your battery.

Since it uses the USB-C connector, you can’t charge your device while gaming, and if your device doesn’t have a headphone jack, you can’t connect headphones either.

Those minor drawbacks aside, it’s a great gamepad. Over 400 apps are supported, though you can’t play PUBG or Call of Duty:

Therefore, before buying any gamepad, it is better to check the controller’s compatibility with the games you intend to play.

The plastic frame is solid, feels comfortable in hand, and is not uncomfortable to hold for long periods.

It also worked instantly when connected to our Red Magic Phone and didn’t need to be remapped in the games we tested.

You can find these fantastic gamepads for your mobile phone from us.

Steel Series Stratus Duo Gamepad

The Steel Series Stratus has a wealth of buttons and features.


Here you’ll find two joysticks with textured surfaces, a four-way directional pad, four action buttons, a four-LED matrix, trigger and shoulder buttons, and three forward-facing buttons that can be mapped to Android home back buttons.



But it’s not perfect. The Stratus doesn’t have a built-in kickstand – you will have to find a wall to lean your phone against.


But it can support Bluetooth pairing, and the built-in rechargeable battery provides over 20 hours of playtime, plus you can keep playing while charging.



It is also compatible with Steam so that you can play any game with the gamepad without additional drivers or software. It is worth the money and the wait.

Razer Raiju Mobile Gamepad

Unsurprisingly, Razer, the family tree brand behind high-end RGB keyboards, gaming laptops, and the Razer Phone 2, is a decent premium Android gamepad.



It is called Raiju Mobile and has many advanced customization options. If you regularly play FPS games like Call of Duty:


Mobile or Hitman Sniper, features like hair-trigger mode for quick firing and the sensitivity link function, which allows you to lower the stick sensitivity for more accurate aiming, is an advantage.



The button layout is pretty standard: on the left is a joystick and a directional pad, and on the right is a secondary joystick and four action buttons.


Two shoulder and two activation buttons occupy the back, along with four re-assignable multifunction buttons.

Blind Spares Wireless Gamepad

This wireless gamepad theme will make you feel like you’re playing on an old-school handheld console like Sega’s Game Gear.

The build quality isn’t exactly flawless, but it’s easy to use.

A joystick and directional pad occupy the left side, and a secondary joystick and four action buttons sit on the right side.

Adding two shoulder and trigger buttons means it has everything you need.


The directional pad, action buttons, and joystick are very responsive, but the shoulder and trigger buttons are less impressive.


They are sticky and too complicated to navigate when playing in portrait orientations. Go ahead and visit official website, get one of the best gamepads for your mobile, and add more fun while playing.

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