10 Essential Accessories for Smartphone that You Can Buy

10 Essential Accessories for Smartphone that You Can Buy

10 Essential Accessories for Smartphone that You Can Buy

10 Essential Accessories for Smartphone that You Can Buy 


Undoubtedly, nowadays, we have access to many state-of-the-art smartphones.


Using Android and IOS smartphones, you are able to have access to some great hardware and operating systems that offer several amazing apps and games.


Therefore, these days, if you purchase a new smartphone, you will get a great package that contains a lot of possibilities.


Although, smartphones are known as a platform where you can enhance their possibilities using available accessories.


It is true that there are numerous accessories that were designed for specific smartphones, but you can find several accessories compatible with the majority of devices.


So, the JBQ wants to introduce the 20 most essential accessories for smartphones that you can buy in 2022.


You can find the 20 necessary smartphone accessories here, and you should purchase them if you want to have a perfect experience.


You can also find our brief description of each accessory below, and you can learn what features to look for in an accessory.



Power Banks

These days, portable chargers or power banks have become an integral part of users.


That is because even if you have a smartphone with a high battery capacity, it will be never enough.


If you want to buy a power bank that supports almost all your devices, the JBQ is the authentic store that supplies all necessary accessories for all smartphones, tablets, and so on. We are here to guide you to make the best choice.

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Car Phone Holders

A car phone holder is one of the most important accessories that almost all driver needs when driving.

there are several types of holders in the market, for example, there are some holders that you can install on the car’s dashboard or the windshield, or there are some types that you can install on the car’s air vent.

Both these car holders are suitable for almost all types of smartphones.

Car Phone Holders

Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks

Selfies are highly sought after these days, and if you have a strong inclination towards taking selfies, this tool is something that you should buy.


You can remember when you and your family or your friends have wanted to take a picture, and you had to ask someone else to take a photo for you.


On the other hand, the fact that there was a likelihood that there was a risk of your phone or camera being stolen.


In 2010, by inventing selfie sticks, people can take a photo with their families or friends without any help and from each angle they want.


If you are looking for selfie sticks in the market, you probably understand that there are too many options, which can make the decision difficult.

However, we will introduce the different types of selfies sticks here.

1- Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Monopod 


2- Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote


3- Multi-function Selfie Stick: Tripod and Monopod


4- Wired Selfie Stick

Camera Lens Attachments

These days, most smartphones are equipped with great cameras and while they take decent pictures, if you would like to improve their performance, even more, a camera lens attachment can be the best choice for this purpose.

Professional Video Stabilizers & Gimbals

If you want to shoot professional-grade videos with your smartphone, video stabilizers and gimbals can be the best and essential accessories for users.


In fact, you are enabled by gimbals to take super-steady videos on all Android and OIS smartphones.


That is to say that if your work is related to producing highly stable videos and clips, you must buy a high-quality gimbal.

Professional Video Stabilizers & Gimbals

USB OTG Flash Drives

Android smartphones are equipped with the USB OTG feature for a long time, and you can use them in many different ways.


In fact, when you have a smartphone with internal storage, USB OTG can be the first option for drivers and passengers.


In other words, the USB OTG flash drives are the same functionality for smartphones that USB flash drives are for computers and Lap Tops.


If you have an Android smartphone, there are a lot of USB OTG flash drives available.


The JBQ is the supplier that sells high-quality OTG flash drives for all smartphones, and you can check our website and purchase the one suitable for you.


Almost all smartphones have in-ear headphones on their box, and they have good quality, but it may be that you are a music aficionado, therefore you will need the best headphones.

There are a lot of choices that may confuse you. 

generally, you can find two models of headphones on the market.

The first of all is wired headphones which connect to your headphones via wire, and the second type is wireless or Bluetooth headphones. 

The great advantage of the Bluetooth headphones is that you do not have to worry about wires, therefore, you can move freely wherever you want.


In fact, all smartphones don’t look great and beautiful, some smartphones are too bland, or some of them don’t have a beautiful appearance.


But don’t worry about them, you can always address all mentioned deficits by installing a skin on your device.

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Cases and Covers

It can almost be said that when people buy a smartphone, the first thing they purchase after buying the smartphone is a case or cover.


It should be noted that these accessories are most important because all smartphones are prone to drops, which can lead to minor scratches or even shattered displays.


The JBQ is the best choice for someone who is looking for high-quality cases and covers.

Screen Protectors

A screen guard or screen protector is another very essential accessory that you must buy after purchasing smartphones.

Besides, no matter what smartphone you have, firstly, the display is prone to break and secondly, the display will also get scratched by every hard thing like a key, coin, and so on that are in your pocket after a point of time.

Thus, it should be noted that may be the first thing that you have to buy is the screen protector and install it on your smart device’s display.

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