The Guide for buying the best Power Bank

The Guide for buying the best Power Bank

These days, after buying a mobile phone or tablet, everyone is undoubtedly looking for a high-quality power bank in order to charge their device without a charger. There are various power banks with capacities such as 2000, 5000, or more in the market. According to the battery capacity of your device, you can purchase the best power bank. If you want to buy the best power bank, but you are confused among numerous different models, we suggest you read this article to the end. In this article, we will first explain the key factors which you should consider before buying a power bank, and then we will give you a list of the best power banks in the market. 

Why do we need a power bank?

Initially, the main purpose of power banks was only to charge smartphones. But with the advancement of fast charging technologies and the increase in the capacity of power banks, a wide range of digital gadgets can now be charged with the help of this practical device. From charging the wireless handsfree to charging a laptop and so on, all electronic devices which need to charge can easier be charged thanks to the power bank. Therefore, if you travel a lot or spend most of your time outdoors, buying a power bank will be one of your main needs.

If you want to buy a power bank, follow these simple tips:

Depending on your needs and expectations, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a Power Bank. For example, if you have a phone that supports fast charging technology, a fast charge power bank will be a good choice for you. But otherwise, it may not make sense to pay extra to buy unusable technologies. In the following, we will review some of the most important points that be considered for buying a power bank so that you can purchase the best power bank at the lowest cost.

First step; Appearance features

Undoubtedly, when you buy any gadget, the first thing that attracts you is its design. From the materials used to the place of the ports, all can contribute to the quality of a Power Bank. Therefore, you should consider all the above factors alongside aesthetic features.

1-1- The weight of a Power bank; you have the right to choose!

One of the most important factors in choosing a power bank can be its weight and dimensions. The weight of a power bank is directly related to its capacity, but factors such as body material can also affect it. We divided power banks into three categories: 1) 10,000 and 15,000 mAh power banks are lightweight and are in the category of light power banks, 2) 20,000 mAh power banks are also in the medium and heavy category, 3) 30,000 mAh and more capacity power banks are much larger in weight and size and may not be suitable for everyday use. Finally, you will have to choose between the weight or more capacity.

1-2- Body material, signs of quality

ABS plastic is used in most power banks in the market. ABS plastic has a relatively light material and at the same time offers good strength. Of course, the use of this plastic also reduces the final cost of the power bank. Polycarbonate (PC) is also used in some of the best power banks on the market and can reduce the weight of the product. This material can also increase the life of the power bank due to its heat resistance. Metal power banks, however, are expensive due to their scratches resistance and being handy.

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1-3- Number and type of ports

When you want to buy a power bank, you should consider the type of ports and the number of your gadgets to make it easier to charge the phone or charge the power bank in different situations. 

Power banks can have two or more ports. If you need to charge multiple gadgets at the same time, you should look to buy a power bank with more than one output port.

Step two; Fast charging technologies

Regardless of appearance features, different standards are used in power banks in order to charge gadgets quickly.

It should be noted that if your phone or gadget supports fast charging, you can purchase a fast charge power bank. In the following, we will introduce the most common fast charging platforms in power banks.

Quick Charge technology, Qualcomm

Quick Charge technology was developed by Qualcomm and can charge smartphones and gadgets faster than the conventional way. Nowadays, according to the common phones in the market and their battery capacity, power banks equipped with QC3.0 and QC4.0 technology have a high purchase value and these power banks can offer a unique experience of high-speed charging.

power banks based on amps

Power banks are generally available in several capacity ranges, and you can choose the appropriate option depending on your needs. 10,000 mAh power banks are more suitable for charging handsfree, smartwatches, small rechargeable speakers, and generally devices that do not have a high-capacity battery. These products can be a good choice due to their small size, low price, and lightweight. 10,000 mAh power banks can only charge your phone once or twice. These products have a lot of fans due to their low price. The low capacity of these products makes the size and diameter of the power bank small and you can easily carry it.

20,000 mAh power banks can be considered the best-selling power banks on the market. Most power banks on the market are offered in this capacity and there are several options in this capacity range. These products can charge your phone 3 to 4 times, which makes them an ideal option.

Power banks above 20,000 mAh, however, are expensive and heavy due to the high-capacity battery. These products are more suitable for camping and use on long trips and it should be noted that these power banks are not a good choice for everyday use.

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