Apple Watch Series 8: rumors, features and news

Apple Watch Series 8: rumors, features and news

Apple Watch Series 8: rumors, features and news

While being months away to launch the Apple Watch Series 8, there are rumors about Apple’s next-generation wrist-worn device.

This guide helps Apple’s fans know all information about the Apple Watch Series 8 based on rumors. Note that the Apple smartwatch Series 8 won’t appear until later in 2022. Since it’s still an early stage in the product cycle, these features have not been confirmed.

Since Apple typically holds its iPhone launch event in September of every year, the release date of the Apple Watch Series 8 will be supposed to be on September 2022 and you can purchase this product for approximately $399/£379.

Design and Size Options

Since the release of the first Apple Watch model in 2015, we have not seen many changes in its design. The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 may use smooth edges to help differentiate it from previous generations and harmonize with other Apple products. When the first Apple Watch was introduced, its edges had rounded corners like the iPhone 6. After the introduction of the first apple watch, almost rounded corners, flat edges, and narrow margins have been used in all Apple products design.

Although there is no specific rumor about the design of the Apple Watch Series 8, we had heard numerous rumors about a Series 7 design that didn’t come to pass. Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech claimed in May 2021 that Apple has been working on a new Apple Watch design, one that has flat edges which is like the iPhone 13 and iPad mini. Besides, Gurman released a report in August that showed “a bit of a redesign, with flatter displays” is expected. Therefore, the Series 8 may appear with some changes in design like the flat edges rumored for the Series 7 that never appeared. Little information is released about the design of the Apple Watch Series 8 at this point, but most likely, this series of apple watches will be the same size of the Apple Watch Series 7. Moreover, according to published information, the Apple Watch Series 8 comes in three sizes instead of two, which a larger size will be added that would join the 41 and 45mm size options. Moreover, based on some early leaked rumors, a redesigned speaker will be in the Apple Watch 8 Series.

Rugged Apple Watch

According to Bloomberg’s report, since other generations of Apple Watches are not suitable for harsh conditions, Apple has been working on a version of the Apple Watch “with a rugged casing” that will be most suitable for athletes, hikers, and others who use the watch in more extreme conditions. Moreover, it will have the same functionality as a standard Apple Watch but better protection and impact-resistance. Therefore, Apple Watch S8 will be something that all people can use it.

Possible Health Features

According to The Wall Street Journal and other sources, Apple has been working on several new health features for future Apple Watch models, which it is not unlikely some of them make their way to the Watch Series 8. These features include blood-pressure monitoring, a thermometer to help fertility planning and sleep tracking, detecting sleep apnea, and detecting diabetes using blood glucose reading.

Since there are rumors about using blood glucose reading in Apple Watch, the Wall Street Journal report claimed Apple skin temperature sensor will be used for both measuring the temperature of body and detecting or help monitor diabetes. According to rumors, Apple has begun working on technology that will be able to create short-wavelength infrared sensors. These sensors could monitor the amount of sugar in a users’ blood. 

Besides, there were rumors that blood-pressure monitoring would work by measuring the speed of the wave a heartbeat sends through a person’s arteries using sensors. Some sources have claimed that blood pressure measurements in the Apple Watch Series 8, but evidence shows that this technology is not ready and the feature is now said to be two to three years away.

Better battery life: 

For several years, the Apple Watch’s battery has been working for 18 hours. Maybe with a larger battery capacity and a more efficient processor, the Apple Watch Series 8 stamina will improve compared to previous-generation models. Since the Apple Watch 7 was tipped for a huge battery life boost, which didn’t happen, it is more likely that we see an improvement in the battery of the Apple Watch 8.

Faster Chip and Enhanced Activity Tracking

As we didn’t see any changes in the S7 chip, it is more likely that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be adopted a faster system-on-a-chip that causes performance improvements.

Micro LED display: 

According to rumors, in the Apple Watch, an OLED display will make way for a Micro LED screen, which means that we will have to access a slimmer and more power-efficient Apple Watch. 

If we want to mention the most important advantages of Micro LED, it should be noted that Micro LED displays to provide better brightness and do not suffer from the luminance decay problems of traditional OLED panels.

In other words, this technology can help boost the Apple Watch’s lifespan, which means that you can use this smartwatch with an always-on display for more than 18 hours.

Touch ID: 

The Apple Watch’s current biometric system is pretty simple. Currently, the Apple Watch unlocks with a passcode and also when the paired ‌iPhone‌ is unlocked. According to the evidence, Apple has been researching Touch ID and an under-display camera for the Apple Watch. 

Apple may introduce a side button with an integrated ‌Touch ID‌ fingerprint sensor that could be used for user identification and device unlocking. 


Car Crash Detection

Apple is trying to develop a crash detection feature for the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Apple wants to use some special sensors to recognize car accidents. In fact, if a car crash occurs, the ‌Apple Watch or iPhone‌ can detect the accident, and they are able to dial emergency services to get help. Apple wants to release this feature for the iPhone 14 models and the Apple Watch Series 8, but based on the rumors, it’s not likely to be limited to those devices.

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