Why is the phone battery run down so quickly

Why is the phone battery run down so quickly

Why is the phone battery run down so quickly

Why is the phone battery draining so quickly? I know this question has occupied your mind a lot and you could not find the right answer to JBQ.

We are all too dependent on our phones that we cannot bear to be away from the phone even for a day, and the rapid discharge of the battery has become a disaster for us and separates us from the phone. In this article, we will illustrate to you all the reasons for the early draining of the phone charge.

Stay with us until the end. You will surely learn useful tips that you did not already know.

Mobile display

One of the main reasons “why the phone battery is draining fast” is that users work by smartphone with the very high brightness of the screen.


Users should adjust their screen brightness to either low or auto mode based on ambient light.

Why is the phone battery run down so quickly


Notifications have a huge impact on battery drain.


We strongly recommend you enable only important app notifications and disable the rest.

Apps are running in the background

From the settings of your phone, see which application has the most battery consumption.

If you come across an application with the highest power consumption in this list, it is probably that this app is constantly updating in the background. In this case, you can disable the background activity mode to properly manage the battery charge.

Your phone is constantly searching for Wifi network

However, using the Wifi network instead of using mobile data will reduce the amount of battery consumption.


But sometimes your phone is constantly looking for Wifi network, even when you are spending time outside with your friends.


This is one of the answers to the question “why does the phone battery run down?”.


If you do not access to a Wifi network, you should the best way is that turn off Wifi.

Excessive use of some applications or activities that require a lot of battery power

Excessive use of music or video playback applications, excessive use of GPS, playing games with heavy graphics, and overuse of the camera or video calls, these activities that require a lot of energy.

Use of high-consumption applications

Using these apps is another major reason why the phone battery runs down.


If you are addicted to applications and use a lot of data, your battery power will give out faster. In order to keep your battery charged, we suggest that instead of watching news videos, you read the news text, avoid playing videos for long periods of time, and always be aware of why and how you use your phone.

Use of high-consumption applications

Your phone’s operating system has not been updated

We strongly recommend that you update your applications or operating system, as this will fix the bugs that are the main reason for consuming battery power.


If you have an iPhone, be sure to upgrade your operating system to the latest OS version available, and use the latest upgrades to update apps to fix bugs.

Hardware problems

If you observe all the above, you are still struggling with “Why does the phone battery drain?”.


There may be a hardware problem, meaning the phone’s IC or board may be damaged.

Working with the phone while charging

Our excessive dependence on the phone is the cause of the battery drain.

The question may appear for you, How do these two relate to each other?

Unfortunately, all of us, while the phone is charging, we cannot wait for an hour or two hours and do not use it. In fact, the phone also needs to rest.

As a matter of fact, if you are working with the phone while charging, a problem will arise between the software system and the phone hardware.

That is to say that the phone’s software system cannot detect the exact amount of charge in the phone, and this causes the phone battery to drain.

It should be noted that when your smartphone is charging, you never disconnect and reconnect the cable.

Allow the phone to fully or partially charge and then disconnect it. If you disconnect the charging cable, do not reconnect it to the charger immediately.

Repeating this too often can seriously damage your battery.


Taking photos and videos requires a lot of energy.


So, if you are constantly taking photos and videos, you should know that again, you are the cause of the phone battery drain.

Cold Weather!

Low temperatures significantly affect battery life and reduce your battery life.


Therefore, to prevent this, you should keep your phone close to your body when the weather is very cold.


Your body heat keeps your phone safe from the cold.


Of course, if you do not use the phone much and do not want to bring it close to your body, buy a thick and warm cover for the phone.

Data Coverage

If you are in an area with no data coverage, this condition is too bad for battery power.

When there is no data coverage, applications like Instagram, YouTube, and so on want to download videos and photos anyway, and this consumes a lot of charges!

At this time, the battery is trying hard to find the data.

If the data coverage of your home or office is bad, you should know that this is one of the reasons why your phone battery is draining fast.

To solve this problem, you have to change your home or workplace, which is not possible, or you can change your mobile operator.

You need to choose an operator that has good data coverage.

If you are in this situation for a short time, the best way is to activate airplane mode.

For example, when you are on the road, your cell phone is constantly trying to connect to nearby towers.

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