The difference between a charger and an adapter

The difference between a charger and an adapter

The difference between a charger and an adapter

A charger is an electronic device used to charge a device (such as a battery or a capacitor).

While the adapter is used to provide the required voltage to the power supply of electronic devices such as laptops.

It is true that some adapters and chargers are similar from an appearance viewpoint, but there is a huge difference between these two devices that depend on their application.

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If you remove your laptop battery and connect the adapter to the laptop, with push the power bottom, you can turn on the laptop.

This is because the adapter is designed to provide the required voltage to the laptop (to operate without a battery).

As you probably know that when the adapter is plugged, the electrical current does not connect directly to the battery.

In fact, there is an extra electrical circuit inside the laptop that charges the battery from the adapter’s electrical current.

In this case, let’s look at mobile. Your cell phone will not turn on if you do not have a battery.

Even if the charger is connected to the device. This is because the mobile phone charger is only used to charge the mobile phone battery.

Also, the mobile phone receives its voltage only from the battery. Whether the charger is connected to the device or not.

What is the internal circuit of the adapters


An adapter is a type of power supply that includes two main types.


This device converts high-voltage and alternating current to direct current and low voltage for use in sensitive electronic devices.


Moreover, AC adapters are used for different goals such as voltage changes, which is also the difference between an adapter and a charger, because chargers do not have an AC output.


AC adapters do not have an internal power supply, and they are used to provide power for electronic devices.


Adapters are usually designed so that they can be used in electronic devices to power and charge the device at the same time.


Laptops also use part of their power to charge the battery while receiving it.


One of the advantages of adapters is the possibility of changing the voltage according to the user’s needs.


Therefore, an adapter can be used to power different devices with different voltages.

What is the internal circuit of the adapters

Adapters are used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) or alternating current with another voltage.


Basically, adapters have in their structure an internal circuit of direct current conversion, a transformer to convert high voltage to down voltage, wave conversion, electric current control, and filtering.


To better understand how the adapter and charger work and the difference, let’s look at the performance of AC adapters as an example.


In short, an AC adapter converts incoming electrical currents into smaller alternating currents that an electronic device can use.


Inside the AC adapter are two coils, each winding around an iron core.


The first coil receives an alternating current of 220 volts, which is connected to an electrical outlet and creates an electric field in the iron core.


In the second coil, the newly created electric field is converted into a smaller alternating current.


If the second winding is half of the first winding, the output current will be half of the input current to the AC adapter.


Therefore, if there are 100 wires on the first coil, the second coil will have only 50 wires.


The electrical devices that are worked by battery and have the ability to connect to power use AC adapters to convert alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC).

Investigation of the difference between the charger and the adapter


Chargers are one of the most widely used electronic tools, and people use chargers on a daily basis to meet a wide range of their needs.

These devices are commonly used to power flashlights, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets and handsfree, and anything that indirectly uses electricity for their operation.

Chargers, despite their many similarities to adapters, have different functions and purposes.

Chargers are generally not designed to provide power for electronic devices, but they provide the required power by charging the devices’ batteries.

Regarding the performance of the chargers, it can be said that they are remarkably similar to AC/DC adapters.

However, the difference between an adapter and a charger is obvious at this stage, because chargers pass a longer way than an adapter to go to produce the proper charging current.

Investigation of the difference between the charger and the adapter

Adapters and chargers seem to do the same thing, but in reality, they work differently.

As we have said, adapters are tools that help the charger charge.

They limit and control the energy of electricity and convert it into another form.

One difference between adapters and chargers is their use in different situations and conditions.

When you travel to other countries, you use adapters to charge your devices.

In fact, adapters convert alternating current to direct current (AC to DC), and direct current is reached to the desired current by adapters before using the charge.

As a matter of fact, these converters can help chargers prevent electrical current directly into devices.

This is because the direct electrical current breeds excessive energy that causes damage to electronic devices.


Like most people, you probably have both a charger and an adapter at home and use them.


Before using your adapter or charger, make sure that you do not use them without knowing enough information.


This information includes safety rules such as knowing the difference between an adapter and a charger for safe use and your device’s compatibility with them.


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