Introducing the types of car chargers in terms of possibilities

Introducing the types of car chargers in terms of possibilities

Introducing the types of car chargers in terms of possibilities

What is a car charger? In order to buy and choose the right car charger, you first need to know what a car charger is and what its working mechanism is.

In today’s modern world, our gadgets are much more important than ever. 

Do you remember the last time that you left home without your smartphone?

Could you remember the last time you did not use GPS to find the right route while traveling?

Have you ever listened to your favorite music on your mobile phone while driving?

Can you imagine driving without all these because your smartphone has not a charge?

All of those mentioned above is known as car charger because of the existence of a suitable power supply in the car.

In this article, we are going to get acquainted with this practical device and introduce all its models of them.

What is a cigarette lighter adapter

What is a cigarette lighter adapter?

The cigarette lighter adapter is a small and practical device that, as its name suggests, is designed and manufactured to allow car occupants to charge their smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on.

The voltage of the car charger socket is 12 volts, which is too much for smart gadgets with an input voltage of 5 volts. In fact, the car charger acts as a converter, and it converts 12 volts of power into 5 volts.

It should be noted that the output amperage that the car battery provides to the cigarette lighter adapter is 10 amps.

Most smart gadgets have an input current in the range of 1 to 3 amps.

The car charger reduces this amount of current and it can adjust this current according to the gadget’s required mode range.

Car chargers manufactured and available on the market may have 1 to 4 USB ports. Each of the ports may have a different current intensity.

You may know that ports with 1.5 amps are suitable for phones equipped with fast charging technology, and ports with 2 amps and more are suitable for charging tablets.

From another point of view, some car chargers are designed very simply.

Some chargers, on the other hand, have several buttons for numerous actions.

Some lighter chargers have screens, others have more convenient voice control capabilities, and so on.

AUX port

These are usually the cheapest types of Bluetooth chargers.


These chargers are connected via the AUX port. 

Bluetooth lighter charger

Advancements in technology have revolutionized car systems, and we can also use some new tools in old cars, one good example is Bluetooth technology. For the past several years, Bluetooth has only been available for expensive cars.


But now you can easily and cheaply use this technology in your car.


Bluetooth in your vehicles can allow users to make voice calls through car speakers, or using Bluetooth, you can also connect your mobile in order to play music.


Of course, some products are only used for voice calls, but others also have music playback capabilities.


In general, the best type of Bluetooth car charger allows you to make calls without using wire or other tools in a high-quality way and without noise.


Bluetooth chargers are divided into several categories, and each has its characteristics.


Here, we briefly introduce the types of Bluetooth car chargers in terms of performance

FM transmitter

These types of chargers are only recommended for those whose car does not support AUX input.


FM transmitters send the same signal as they receive it, which means that users don’t benefit from high-quality sound.


These ports are the most expensive type of Bluetooth lighter charging.


This port is equipped with built-in speakers and a wireless system.


When you can make a call with your smartphone, you can listen clearly because the sound is not transmitted through your car speakers and it has a separate speaker.


It is true that this system is produced for handsfree phone calls, but you can also play your favorite music through the speakers designed in it.

Car charger without Bluetooth

These chargers can be used to charge your devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets by using several ports that are implemented on them.


If the number of ports of these chargers is more, they will be able to charge more devices.


For charging your smart devices, in fact, you will need cable. At present, many famous companies in the world produce all kinds of car chargers and provide them to users at a very reasonable price.

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Common car charger

Common car chargers only charge your smartphone or tablet and they do not reduce the time of this process.


But car chargers with fast charging capability make this process faster than normal conditions, therefore with the help of this category of products you will be able to save time.


This is a big advantage for a product. 


There are several types of fast car chargers that can charge your smart devices, and we introduce them briefly.

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