Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022

WWDC is the abbreviation of Worldwide Developers Conference. From theoretical points of view, WWDC is all about programs developers that create apps for Apple’s platforms: iPad, iPhone, and so forth.


Apple has announced that this company set the date for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in an online format in 2022.


And the first and most important topic of this conference will be iOS 16, of which various information has already been published.


This time, WWDC 2022 will not be a completely virtual event; according to published news, a group of developers and students will attend this conference.


WWDC22 will introduce the latest innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and developers have been allowed to meet Apple engineers, and they can have interactive experiences with them.


The WWDC 2022 conference will be held from June 6 to June 10, and the main event where Apple’s most exciting new products and services that be presented will be held on the same day, June 6.

In addition to the online conference, Apple will host a special conference for developers and students in Apple Park to watch the video of the State of the Union and the major speech with its online community.

This conference is a semi-online event, but it is a new start for Apple after two years of virtual WWDC conferences because of the Corona epidemic.

According to published news, the original WWDC 2022 will be broadcast live, and as usual, you can watch it on YouTube or other platforms.

Susan Prescott who is Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing, stated:

WWDC has always tried to be a place for developers and ordinary people to create connections and make a community.

Prescott said that WWDC22 always invites developers from around the world to attend this conference to discuss their newest ideas and present the envelope of what’s possible.

Apple loves to create connection between world developers with Apple’s developers, and we hope all of our participants come away feeling energized by their experience.

What do we expect from this important event

Introducing iOS 16 features: 

iOS 16 features will be introduced with a new notification system and user interface without the notch.

According to the latest news and rumors about iOS 16, it might have big; and interactive widgets.

It should be noted that Apple has begun testing the iOS 16 update before the unveiling of WWDC 2022.

Apple will probably change the user interface of iOS 16 a bit in order to optimize it for iPhone 14 Pro models as well.

Mark Gorman recently said that the next iOS 16 updates is called Sydney and will not have any major redesigns on the main interface.

But he still believes that it will be a big upgrade, and he hopes that the new version is expected to have other important enhancements, including Improvements in notifications and new features in health tracking.

What do we expect from this important event

New features in screens

The resolution of the new screens on the iPhone 14 may also change.


So, Apple may spend a lot of time developing iOS 16 in order to accommodate all the changes until it reaches the highest performance.

Introducing iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro model is expected that Apple uses a hole-punch design in the iPhone 14 Pro models, and the notch will be omitted, and a small hole is replaced in the front-facing camera;


if that happens, Apple could introduce some changes to the design of the top of the iPhone.

Introducing the new version of the Health app

An updated version of the Health app will be introduced by Apple.


It is expected that this app will develop sleep tracking functionality and medicine management.


Apple has been developing a medicine management tool that will enable users to scan their pill bottles into the app, but it is more unlikely that the initial version of the Health app includes all of the planned functionality.


The Health app will introduce new women’s health features.

Introducing watchOS 9 capabilities

According to rumors, health tracking features in iOS 16 are actually based on a combination of the new watchOS 9 features that enable the Apple Watch 7 Series to track your health and fitness.

Based on the leaked news, blood pressure monitoring features may be introduced in 2024.

Introducing the capabilities of iPadOS 16

On iPadOS 16, it is rumored that Apple will introduce important and new features in the multi-tasking section.


Because the new iPads can run any professional application that Apple develops because of the M series processors that make them increasingly powerful.

Introducing the capabilities of the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacOS 13

According to Phone Arena, Apple is expected to introduce a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the MacOS 13 update at WWDC 2022.


Because Apple claims that WWDC22 will showcase the latest innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.


When Apple published news about the M1-powered lineup, there were several rumors about a new Mac Pro.


These rumors indicated that this new Mac Pro will be equipped with a custom Apple silicon, and it will be made up of either 20 or 40 compute cores.

Introducing a new 13-inch MacBook Pro

Introducing a MacBook Air successor

According to published reports, Apple will finally introduce a MacBook Air successor at the WWDC22 conference.


The device is expected to come with a new design and a new Apple M2 processor, and will also be an octa-core chip with a big.


LITTLE architecture. This device also has graphics with 10 cores.

Introducing a new 13-inch MacBook Pro

Since Apple updates the MacBook Pro models on a regular basis, in 2022, we are expected to see new versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 14-inch MacBook and 16-inch MacBook.


According to the published rumors, a new 13-inch model will be introduced at WWDC 2022.


It should be noted that there is no news about a refresh of the larger models given that they just launched in October 2021.

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