Oppo Announces 150W Fast Charging for Oppo and OnePlus Phones at MWC 2022

Oppo Announces 150W Fast Charging for Oppo and OnePlus Phones at MWC 2022

Oppo Announces 150W Fast Charging for Oppo and OnePlus Phones at MWC 2022

MWC 2022, Oppo demonstrated its new fast-charging systems.


Even though Xiaomi has already talked about 120W fast charging, which can recharge a 4,500mAh phone in 15 minutes or less, Oppo seems to be setting the bar a little bit higher with this announcement.


The company has developed 150W and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charging systems, which feature the Battery Health Engine (BHE).


When it comes to 240W charging, how quickly can it go?


This technology claims to be able to charge a 4,500mAh smartphone battery from 0% to 100% in approximately 9 minutes.


Charger technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and as a result, user expectations are keeping pace.


Prioritizing the overall charging experience since introducing the VOOC flash charge in 2014, OPPO has spearheaded the development of flash charge technologies.


We will continue pushing the limits of high-power flash charge innovations, actively tackling critical trends such as battery health deterioration, and providing customers with safe, efficient, smart, and charging time solutions beyond just speed,” said Jeff Zhang, Chief Charging Technology Scientist, Oppo.

A Short Overview of SuperVOOC

A Short Overview of SuperVOOC

In 2014, the OPPO Find 7 was the first device to use OPPO’s proprietary fast charging technology.


The VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) Flash Charge technology could charge the Find 7’s 2,800 mAh battery from 0 percent to 75 percent in 35 minutes, which was a very amazing statistic eight years ago.


There were several F and R series smartphones with 20W VOOC 2.0 in that era and Dash Charge for OnePlus devices and Realme smartphones.


With this fast charging technology, all of the heat was contained in a single charging brick, allowing the smartphone to charge very quickly without being punished thermally.


In 2016, VOOC was upgraded to 50W SuperVOOC, with a claimed charge time of 15 minutes for a 2,500 mAh battery, but the device was unavailable to the general public for another two years.


In 2019, VOOC developed into 25W VOOC 3.0 and 30W VOOC 4.0 in parallel.

And in 2020, SuperVOOC 2.0 with 65W fast charging, which we’ve seen on phones from OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme, was released.

With all of these years of development, the company has also been working on releasing slimmer charging bricks and wireless technology (AirVOOC) with similar charging speeds.

The OnePlus 10 Pro and the OPPO Find X5 Pro will have 80W SuperVOOC in 2022.

Our progress has now reached yet another crucial turning point.

How the 150W SUPERVOOC Works?

The 150W SUPERVOOC flash charger with BHE combines two charge pumps and direct charging technology to support charging up to 20V/7.5A.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is used to reduce the size of the adapter for the 150W SUPERVOOC with BHE to virtually the same size as the previous generation 65W SUPERVOOC adapter, which measures 58 x 57 x 30mm and weighs around 172 grams.

A battery management chip powers Oppo’s new “Battery Health Engine,” which incorporates two essential technologies:

Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology.

They work together to promote battery health and safety while also increasing performance by optimizing both the hardware and software.

Using a Smart Battery Health Algorithm, you may monitor the voltage across the battery’s negative electrodes in real-time.

In order to avoid dead lithium, the charging current is dynamically adjusted within an acceptable range while retaining the maximum charging current.

According to the company, longevity, and charging speed are claimed benefits of this design feature.


On the other hand, Battery Healing Technology optimizes battery life from the battery’s internal systems.


When the battery is charging or discharging, the electrodes are mended over time due to the improved electrolyte formula, creating a more stable and long-lasting solid electrolyte interface (SEI).


The positive and negative electrodes of the battery are less likely to wear out because of this, which improves battery performance and lengthens battery lifespan.

Advantages of SuperVOOC

SuperVOOC boasts several advantages over OnePlus’ VOOC fast charging technology, including a higher current of 5A, lesser power loss, and faster-recharging speed.

SuperVOOC can charge devices up to three times faster than existing fast charging methods.

Mid-range smartphones with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or USB Power Delivery 2.0 may be able to charge at the same speed as high-end devices that support these technologies.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has unveiled a breakthrough in ultra-fast charging technology.

In addition to charging at a rate of 10W, the device’s name, SuperVOOC, refers to its ability to regulate the temperature of the charging process.

It has two 2V/5A and two 1V/4A rails in parallel to produce 10W output currents from the adapter end through 4th generation FPCs connections.

When linked to a compatible smartphone, it takes roughly 20 minutes to charge halfway (from 0% to 50%).

This device has three built-in safeguards: overheating control, voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

If Super VOOC has any drawbacks, what are they

To use Super VOOC, you’ll need the accompanying Oppo charging brick, which is its main downside.


Only by charging your phone using Oppo’s own hardware will you be able to take advantage of the speed boosts provided by Super VOOC.


SuperVOOC isn’t activated when using a power bank or a computer to charge your smartphone.

How much faster Super VOOC Charging is

Super VOOC charges the Find X in under 35 minutes, thanks to a combination of unique technologies and a bi-cell design.


The R15 Pro, on the other hand, can be charged from zero to fifty percent in just 30 minutes using normal VOOC.


It takes about 90 minutes to charge from empty to full.


Charge your ONEPLUS and OPPO devices with this new 150W technology!

According to Oppo, BHE will become a standard feature on most OPPO and OnePlus smartphones in the future, bringing safety, efficiency, and durability to a wider audience.

OnePlus is expected to release a smartphone with a BHE-powered 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge this year.

We are really eager to see what they are going to offer with their new tech.

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