Why do iPhones Batteries Drain So Fast?

Why do iPhones Batteries Drain So Fast

Why do iPhones Batteries Drain So Fast?

Even though Apple has been able to increase the iPhone’s battery life with each new iteration, most iPhones still struggle to make it through the day on a single charge and suffer from iPhone Battery Drainage.

In many cases, that’s an exaggerated assessment.

There are various ways to extend the life of your iPhone’s battery if your battery drains too quickly and you regularly need to recharge it.

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Take the phone out of its case and restart it

If you’ve had an issue with your phone’s battery draining too quickly regularly, don’t panic.


When the iPhone gets “hot” to the touch and the battery is drained in hours, you may discover that it’s running low on juice.


You can try restarting your iPhone by turning it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on.


That can fix a glitch in the program and get everything back to normal.

reastart iphone

Do a health check on your battery to stop iPhone Battery Drainage

If your iPhone is working more than a year or two old, the battery may no longer be able to retain a full charge for the duration of a typical workday and resulting in iPhone Battery Drainage.

If this is your case, you should take your phone to an Apple Store and get the battery replaced, which will restore it to full functionality.

To check the health of your iPhone’s battery, open the Settings app and select Battery from the menu.

To check the health of your battery, use the Battery Health app.

If the Maximum Capacity is less than roughly 85%, and it doesn’t show Peak Performance Capability, it’s probably time to replace the battery.

stop using app in iphone

Stop using apps that drain a lot of battery

This might quickly drain your battery if you often use certain apps.


Start the Settings app and select Battery to check which apps use the most power.


You can see which apps are draining your power the fastest by scrolling down the list of programs.


Use the tabs above the graphs to check how much battery you’ve used in the last 24 hours or ten days.


Quora is responsible for about a third of the battery drain in this scenario. Depending on how you use your phone, your findings will be different.

Update apps to prevent iPhone Battery Drainage

Just because an app uses a lot of power doesn’t mean you should remove it or stop using it to prevent iPhone Battery Drainage.


Apps may run better if they are up to date in some instances.


Another way is that programs that haven’t been updated can drain your battery.


Start the App Store and tap your account symbol in the upper right corner to ensure you’re up to date.


In the Pending Updates column, select Update All if any apps need to be updated.

Control the brightness of your screen

It’s good to keep your iPhone’s screen as dull as your eyes can take to conserve battery life.

Go to the Control Panel from the top right part of the screen and lower the Brightness slider.

As an alternative, you can stop the iPhone’s ability to automatically adjust its display brightness in reaction to the surrounding environment.

Open the Settings and select Display & Brightness from the drop-down menu.

To switch off True Tone, swipe the left button.

The Appearance section of the same screen, where you may enable Dark mode, can also help you save battery life.

Disable the location services to prevent iPhone Battery Drainage

Convenient as it is, location services, which enable your apps to know where you are, can quickly deplete your battery and lead to iPhone Battery Drainage.


Consider shutting off location services if you don’t need them all the time.


Open the Settings app and select Privacy from the General menu.


Disable this feature by swiping the button to the left on Location Services.


You must return to this screen and enable location services to access the feature.

Use “Do Not Disturb”

Taking your iPhone out of a pocket or bag and placing it face up is common.


To do so, every notification wakes your phone and illuminates the screen.


Having a lot of notifications drains your phone’s battery. Instead, lay it flat on its back.


Notifications on your iPhone will not wake the display.


To silence all alerts, you can slide down from the top of the screen to reveal the Control Panel, then hit Focus and select Do Not Disturb.

To stop iPhone Battery Drainage, make sure that the 'Raise to Wake’ feature is turned off

When you update to iOS 10, the ‘Raise to Wake’ option is enabled by default and can lead to iPhone Battery Drainage.


The Raise to Wake feature automatically wakes the screen when you pick up your iPhone or iPad from a flat surface.


Having your iPhone screen on all the time when you’re moving about is one of the primary reasons your iPhone battery drains so quickly.


Consequently, if your iPhone battery is draining quickly, you should turn off the ‘Raise to Wake option.

Background App Refresh in iphone

“Background App Refresh” should be disabled

Apps on your iPhone are refreshed in the background via ‘Background App Refresh’ to update even when you aren’t actively using them.


App loading times will be reduced as a result of this.


But if you enable all of your open apps to renew and update in the background, you’ll notice that your iPad or iPhone battery drains quickly.


Because of this, you should disable this feature on your iPhone or iPad to extend its battery life.


Disabling it is as simple as going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and flipping the switch to the off position for “Background App Refresh.”

When WiFi isn’t in use, turn it off to prevent iPhone Battery Drainage

Turning off the WiFi on your iPhone or iPad will cause it to search for WiFi networks when it isn’t already connected to one.

This uses a lot of battery and will result in iPhone Battery Drainage.

As a result, turning down WiFi while not in use will help you conserve your iPhone’s battery life.

Toggle WiFi to the off state by going to Settings > Tap WiFi.

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