Everything you should know about iPhone SE 2022

Everything you should know about iPhone SE 2022

Everything you should know about iPhone SE 2022

 As long as you’re okay with a smaller screen, Apple’s new iPhone SE is the best-in-class smartphone on the market.


The iPhone SE 2022 is packed with cutting-edge features despite its diminutive size.


Although it has an old-school aesthetic, it’s still a good deal for people on a shoestring budget.


With the iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic CPU and 5G connection, you’ll get the best-in-class performance and stunning photos for $429.


Compared to the previous iPhone SE 2020, the new iPhone SE 3 is expected to offer at least two hours of battery life and be built with a more robust material.


While Face ID isn’t available, some people may prefer the traditional Home button with Touch ID for unlocking their phone quickly.


If you want to acquire an iPhone at this price point, you’ll have to make certain concessions, like the loss of Night mode and Verizon Ultra Wideband.


While the convenience of having a phone this small and powerful is hard to ignore, I’ll show you why in my iPhone SE 2022 review.


It’s undoubtedly one of the best low-cost phones on the market.


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Release Date and Cost of iPhone SE 2022

It is now possible to preorder the iPhone SE 2022 with a March 18 release date.


It costs $30 more than the previous iPhone SE 2020 to get the new iPhone SE, which starts at $429.


The iPhone SE 3 comes in three different storage capacities.


The standard model comes with 64GB of storage, but you can upgrade to 128GB or 256GB for $479 or $579.

Release Date and Cost of iPhone SE 2022
Design of iPhone SE 2022

Design of iPhone SE 2022

Getting my hands on the iPhone SE 2022 is like going back in time.


Compared to the likes of the iPhone 13 mini or Pixel 5a, there is a Touch ID button rather than Face ID and large bezels surrounding the display.


This is one small gadget weighing only 5.09 ounces and measuring 5.45 x 2.85 x 0.29 inches. It looks like a tower on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.


It is possible to submerge the iPhone SE 2022 in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters.


Apple’s iPhone SE has been subjected to some drop tests and performed virtually, and the iPhone 13 in terms of durability.

Display iphone SE

Let’s say that viewing TV shows and movies on the iPhone SE 2022 isn’t quite as immersive as you’d expect it to be.


For movies and videos, it’s tough to ignore the thick bezels on this phone’s 4.7-inch LCD panel with its 1344 x 750-pixel resolution.


Unfortunately, the camera hardware on the iPhone SE 2022 hasn’t changed.


There’s no ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 11 ($499) and Pixel 5a, which have dual 12-megapixel wide-angle cameras.


Meanwhile, the front camera is still equipped with a sensor with a resolution of only 7MP.


The good news is that the A15 Bionic processor allows computational photography to open up new camera functions and possibilities.


Smart HDR 4 can deal with difficult lighting while improving the portrayal of faces, while Deep Fusion enhances fine details and textures, and Photographic Styles give you greater creative freedom.

Performance of iPhone SE 2022

Performance of iPhone SE 2022

I shouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone SE 2022 is as powerful as the iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chip. I must admit that it performs admirably.


Regarding overall performance, the iPhone SE 2022 scored 1,718 on Geekbench 5, with a multi-core result of 4,482 on the benchmark.


The 1,684 and 4,129 points earned by the iPhone 13 are comparable, albeit a tad lower.


The midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip in the Google Pixel 5a only managed a single-core score of 569 and a multi-core score of 1,595.


The iPhone SE 2022 scored 8,352 on the 3DMark WildLife Benchmark with a frame rate of 50 fps.

cpu iphone SE 2022

The Pixel 5a only managed ten frames per second and a score of 450, compared to the iPhone 13’s 55.9 frames per second and a score of 55.9 fps.


There’s also the question of 5G. Because it lacks support for mmWave technology, the iPhone SE 2022 cannot connect to Verizon’s ultra-fast Ultra Wideband network.


However, you’ll be able to connect to all of the major carriers’ sub-6GHz 5G networks and C-Band 5G when it becomes available.

Battery life and Charging

The A15 Bionic chip and a slightly larger battery in the iPhone SE 2022 can bring at least two hours more battery life than the previous model.

As a result of Tom’s Guide’s Battery Test, the new iPhone SE 3 lasted 9 hours and 5 minutes.

On a 4G LTE connection, the iPhone SE 2020’s 9:18 runtime is less than this, but that’s because the iPhone SE 2020 uses less power 5G-capable Google Pixel 5a lasted for an additional 9 hours and 45 minutes.

On the bright side, if you have a 20W Apple charger, the iPhone SE can be charged fairly quickly.

We were able to reach 61% of our goal in 30 minutes, which is faster than Apple had claimed.

Everything you should know about iPhone SE 2022

Final Verdicta article in Everything you should know about iPhone SE 2022

For the sum of $429, with the iPhone SE 2022, Apple has created a device that sits somewhere between present-day and decades past.


Compared to the iPhone 13, this phone’s A15 Bionic CPU provides premier performance for hundreds less than the iPhone 13.


Despite only having one rear camera, the quality of the captured images is generally quite good.


The only thing I’d like to see from Apple is a genuine Night Mode.


The new iPhone SE appears like a throwback with its small 4.7-inch display and thick bezels around the display; the iPhone 13 mini proves that you can fit a larger 5.4-inch display into a compact phone, but it costs $699.


It’s hard to argue that the iPhone SE 2022 isn’t worth the money.


I’d want to see a more cutting-edge design for the outside next time.


So, in the end, I must say that if you like small phones and the money isn’t a problem, then this device is a good choice for you. 

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