The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Phones with Google Maps

The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Phones with Google Maps

The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Phones with Google Maps

Do you want to know where someone is at any time? The Google Maps app is a simple way to locate a phone using the built-in GPS location tracking on all cell phones.

Google Maps is an application and technology developed by Google; Maps is a free web mapping service application and technology. There is a lot of value in using this product for both business and personal purposes, such as creating various custom maps based on the user’s location (e.g., businesses in the area) and displaying traffic information. Maps is also available as a free download for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS smartphones.

Here we will teach you how you can use Google Maps to track the location of another person’s phone secretly. You’ll also learn how to use location-tracking software and much more. A family member, a friend, and more can be tracked using these methods. Mobile devices running Android or iOS can make use of this app.

Using the Google Maps App to Locate Someone for Free

Using Google location sharing, you can track anyone on Google Maps without their knowledge.


You can track someone’s location on Google Maps without their knowledge by following the steps outlined below.


  • Make sure that the location services feature is enabled in the Settings app.
  • Open the Maps app on the target Android device.
  • Tap the user’s profile picture in the right corner of the map.
  • Select the option to share your location.
  • Select “Share Location.”
  • Tap “until you turn this off.”
  • Select your device from the top-down list and tap the Share button to its right.
  • This message “—- can see your location” will appear.
  • This method, however, necessitates that you have access to their phone and its passcode.
  • You won’t need access to a target’s phone to use the below methods. You can now see where they are.

Google Maps can help you find someone’s phone location

You can now see the current location of another person’s phone on Google Maps after setting up location sharing.

Get a Google Maps view of the current location of someone by following these simple steps.

  • Open the app on your phone by clicking on the icon.
  • To share your location, tap the hamburger icon (or your profile picture, depending on your Android version) and tap location sharing.
  • The shared device can be found at the bottom of the screen by swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Their current location can now be seen on the map.
Google Maps can help you find someone's phone location

To disable tracking on Google Maps, follow these instructions

  • Turn off google maps’ location tracking by following these simple instructions.
  • Open google maps on the device you want to target.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the user’s picture.
  • Click on the “Share my location” button.
  • Remove your device from the list if it’s not already there.
  • The person’s device will no longer be able to share its location with others.

How to Use a Phone Tracker App to Locate Someone on Google Maps

How to Use a Phone Tracker App to Locate Someone on Google Maps

It is also possible to view someone’s location using a cell phone tracking app without Google Maps. Apps that track a phone’s location make use of GPS technology. Some of the features that these apps offer are:

  • Keeping tabs on phone calls and contact information.
  • Text messages can be viewed
  • Access to chats in a messaging application
  • See the history of your browser on the internet

GPS data can be collected from the iPhone via an iCloud account when using a tracking app, except for Google Maps. An iCloud username and password are necessary for this method.

To use a phone tracking app for Android, you must first download it to your phone and then install it. You’ll need the device’s passcode and physical access for this option to work.

Use the following steps to locate someone using a tracking app on google maps:

  • Subscribe to an app that keeps tabs on your location (find out why uMobix is my current favorite)
  • Follow the installation instructions specific to that phone to track a specific phone.
  • Open your phone’s control panel to see where it is currently located in the GPS.
  • By entering a person’s phone number into google maps, you can find their location.
  • You can also use a website like to keep tabs on a phone’s location. You don’t need to access your phone to use this method.

You can get the person’s current location by entering their cell phone number

  • Get a account by signing up at
  • Put in the phone number of the device you want to track.
  • As a result, they will receive a text message asking them to update their GPS location services.
  • mobi allows you to keep tabs on the phone right from your dashboard.

An excellent method for locating a lost android phone

  1. Go to and type in your search term.
  2. To get started, enter your Gmail username and password.
  3. You’ll be able to see your phone’s approximate location on the map. If you can’t locate the device, it will show you where it was last (if available).

Three options are available from the map page – locate, secure, and delete your Android device:

  • Play Sound. Even if your phone is silent or on vibration, it will ring.
  • Secure Device. Create a new pin or use your current one. You can also leave a message or a phone number for anyone to call if they find your device.
  • Erase Device. Due to an added layer of security, you can do this remotely.

A lack of Wi-Fi or an available network could cause your phone not to be found by Find My Device when you use this feature. In the end, what matters is that you keep trying. After connecting to a network, the phone will appear on a map.

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Do we have a Google Maps Phone Tracker?

You can download “Google Find My Device.” And use it to easily find your phone or the phone of a loved one.

How can I find someone by their cell phone number?

Location sharing is the only way to keep tabs on someone using Google Maps. This will necessitate having access to their cell phone. After that, you’ll need to have the target phone send a link to your phone for location sharing. A person’s exact location can be determined solely by their phone number. The ability to perform this task is provided by numerous services such as

Can I track my vehicle with Google Maps?

Google Maps can help you locate your vehicle if you leave your phone in the vehicle. You must first enable location sharing on your phone to perform this action successfully.

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