Galaxy XCover Pro 2 will be Samsung’s first 5G rugged phone

Galaxy XCover

Galaxy XCover Pro 2 will be Samsung’s first 5G rugged phone

Samsung plans to unveil its first hard phone with support for 5G network in 2022.


Samsung introduced the Galaxy XCover Pro in 2020, and now, two years later, it is said that the South Korean giant intends to introduce a successor to this phone called the Galaxy XCover Pro 2.


Samsung’s new rugged handset has model number SM-G736B and supports 5G connectivity, according to Gizmochina.


If this report is true, the XCover Pro 2 will be the first 5G smartphone in the Galaxy XCover series. It should be noted that all models, including the Galaxy XCover 5 (last year’s product) that were launched, support 4G LTE network.

Unfortunately, no information is available on this Samsung phone.


Nevertheless, predictions can be made based on the specifications of the previous generation Xcover models. 

The Galaxy XCover Pro 2, like other Galaxy XCover phones, will likely come with a user-replaceable battery.


Samsung rugged smartphones are generally designed for companies and fieldwork. The replaceable battery thus allows them to replace the discharged battery with a charged battery and maintain communication almost uninterrupted for tens of hours.

samsung XCover 2

In addition, the upcoming Galaxy Xcover Pro 2 is expected to feature monthly security patches and will likely ship with Android 12.


Hardware details have not yet been released; but since the Xcover Pro and Galaxy A51 use the Exynos 9611 chip, it is expected that the future Xcover Pro 2 and Galaxy A53 will be able to use the Exynos 1280 chip.

A new class of rugged models in the world of smartphones

Since the advent of smartphones and the revolution of Steve Jobs and L.A., there have been many changes in the world of mobile phones.


Over time, other companies joined the revolution. One of the most important of these companies was Samsung. In recent years, Samsung has become one of the three largest smartphone manufacturers with a wide variety of products.


The company will soon launch its new phones. One of its products that will enter the market soon is the Galaxy XCover Pro 2. As we said, this phone is equipped with 5G internet, which is one of its positive points.


We have to see if this product can compete with the iPhone 12 and 13, SE2022, and be able to attract people around the world or not.


Samsung will soon be introducing this phone and its new handsets at its annual event, and it remains to be seen whether it will be able to compete with Apple’s empire.

Galaxy XCover Pro 2

For many years, the Koreans have been trying to incorporate a sleek design into a sturdy design by designing and building Xcover smartphones and launching sturdy phones suitable for harsh environments with adverse weather conditions.

However, the Koreans were very successful with the introduction of the Galaxy XCOVER smartphone and introduced a kind of tank to the world of phones that is resistant to water, dust, and to some extent (resistant to falling from a height of 1.5 meters and Less durable and has good handling and high standard.

But perhaps the release of this new model with the changes that are expected to occur both in appearance and in its hardware and software parts can open a new chapter of durable models in the world of smartphones.

No information is available on the release date of the Galaxy Xcover Pro 2, but it is expected that this model, which will benefit from monthly security patches, will be released at the same time as Android 12.

The specifications of the Galaxy XCover Pro 2 have been revealed!

XCover Pro 2

However, it was announced last week that Samsung is building the next generation of the rugged Galaxy XCover Pro.


But today, as the first information revealed, we came across the specifications of the Galaxy XCover Pro 2.


This smartphone will be the first Rugged Samsung product to support 5G network. We also learned about other specifications of this phone based on the information published in the GeekBench benchmark.

Learn more about the Galaxy XCover Pro 2 by comparing it to the Galaxy XCover Pro

The Galaxy XCover Pro 2 is known by the model number SM-G736B, which was recently listed in Geekbench. The phone appears to have an octa-core processor with four cores clocked at 2.4 GHz and four cores clocked at 1.8 GHz.


It is also known that the processor of this phone is known by the code name Lahaina. The Galaxy XCover Pro 2 with the Snapdragon 778G chips is expected to hit the market.


In terms of performance, we have to say that this phone managed to get 766 points in single-core mode and 2722 points in multi-core mode.


We do not have more information about this sturdy Samsung phone at the moment and we have to wait for more information.

To get more acquainted with this phone, we can refer to the specifications of the Galaxy XCover Pro. The Galaxy XCover Pro was launched in January 2022. The phone used a 6.4-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels.

There’s also a camera with a 25-megapixel sensor and an ultraviolet camera with an 8-megapixel sensor.

The selfie camera of this phone used a 13-megapixel sensor. The Galaxy XCover Pro came with an Exynos 9611 chip, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage.

The phone was provided with a 4050 mAh battery and a 15-watt charger. It also used IP68 certification.

This certificate makes the phone water and dust-resistant. Other standards of this phone include the MIL-STD-810G certificate. This certificate makes the phone resistant to water penetration to a depth of 1.2 meters.

Release time of Galaxy XCover Pro 2

As we said, there is currently no information about the release date of the Galaxy Xcover Pro 2. However, it is expected that this product will be officially introduced very soon.


The smartphone will likely be available silently in several specific markets, including Europe and the United States.


All eyes are now on the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy series handsets over the next few days.


The Korean giant is expected to unveil smartphones such as the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 during the event.

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