Samsung’s new crisis; Collective complaint from Galaxy S22 series

Galaxy S22

Samsung’s new crisis; Collective complaint from Galaxy S22 series

In the article Samsung’s new crisis; Collective complaint from Galaxy S22 series Stay with jbq.

Samsung has drastically reduced the performance of its Galaxy S phones through its game optimization service.

Hence, it is now grappling with this problem and is facing widespread monitoring and complaints in South Korea.

Earlier this month, someone tested claims about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and found that these claims were only true during benchmarking.

During these tests, it was found that Samsung has limited thousands of popular applications in its flagship phones, which is likely to maintain battery life and prevent them from overheating during use.

This led the developers of the popular Geekbench benchmark tool to remove the last four generations of Galaxy S series handsets from their list;

This is because many users on Korean social networks and Samsung support forums say that they have experienced this problem in older models as well.

In response to this public outcry, Samsung recently posted frequently asked questions about it on its Korean support website, claiming that the game optimization service (GOS) was designed to help Galaxy devices perform.

And balance battery life in a way that does not negatively affect the user experience.

The Korean giant claims that benchmarking tools are not recognized as a game, citing a list of 10,000 apps that have been leaked online and used by GOS to quickly determine if a newly installed app is a game;


Therefore, their behavior is not controlled by GOS or the game optimization service. It is more or less an acknowledgment that Samsung has deliberately restricted popular games, something that also plagued OnePlus last year.


In one of the upcoming One UI updates, Samsung will add a customizable feature for people who want to disable GOS on their Galaxy S phone.


However, The Korea Herald reports that the South Korea Fair Trade Commission is planning to launch an investigation into whether the company violated the advertising law when marketing its Galaxy S22 series.

Dissatisfaction with the capabilities and performance of the Galaxy S22

Samsung’s problems do not end there; Because another local publication claims that a mass lawsuit is being filed against the company. Several Galaxy S22 owners are unhappy about the misconceptions about the phone’s capabilities and performance, so they are seeking $ 245 in compensation each.

samsung s22

Considering that many recent smartphones have more power than their cooling system.

So it should come as no surprise that companies like Razer are making RGB fans that you can connect to your smartphone.

Some mobile phone manufacturers, such as Nubia, even go so far as to integrate small fans into their handsets.

They want to ensure that their chips provide the highest possible level of stable performance without overheating.

It may be possible to justify Samsung in maintaining the stability of the phone’s performance and not damaging its internal components due to overheating.

But before these problems, it would have been better to discuss this issue with its users and fans when introducing its new handsets.

Samsung’s new update solves the problem of limiting the performance of applications

samsung s22 crisis

The Galaxy S22 series is one of the best Android devices on the market.


Samsung’s 2022 flagships have some stunning specs, but just days after their release, users realized that the Koreans were limiting the performance of games and apps with GOS.


Now a new update has been released by Samsung that fixes this problem.

The GOS app, or game optimization service, is generally designed to optimize the performance of the phone during the game to prevent the battery from overheating, but as reported, apps seem to be greatly affected. Samsung immediately announced in a statement that it would return control to users with a new software update.

Update new Samsung software

According to reports from Samsung Korea’s forums, the tech giant is offering a new software upgrade for the Galaxy S22 series that improves the processor and GPU performance adjustment capabilities, along with a new “Game Performance Management Mode” in the game optimizer service.

This update has now been released with firmware version S90xNKSU1AVC5 for the Korean version of the Galaxy S22 and will probably be available to all users in the next few days.

Following this problem, Geekbench accused Samsung of manipulating the benchmark through the GOS program and decided to remove four generations of the company’s flagships from its Geekbench benchmark list.

Although Geekbench’s current policy dictates that tampered devices should not be on the list even after the release of this update, it remains to be seen what decision will be made. Deleted devices include the Galaxy S22 series and some older flagships such as the S21, S20 ,and S10 series.


It is not yet clear when the Samsung software update will be available to all users, but more news will probably be heard in the coming days.

s22 crisis

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen problem has been reported

The new Galaxy family phones are Samsung’s latest Android flagships, which were very well received upon arrival.

It has not been long since the release of this series and in this short time, users have paid a lot of attention to it. But it seems that the Galaxy S22 Ultra screen problem has also been seen recently.

It won’t be long before Samsung launches its new flagships. But after a close look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we can safely say that Samsung has a new winner.

This smartphone is one of the best phones in the world. It can be purchased in 2022. With all the positives and advantages of this device, we can not say that you will not be shocked to see a few drawbacks and problems of the S22 Ultra.

Now that the first shipments of this device have been released and have reached their owners, we are witnessing a large number of users complaining about an annoying problem.

Like many screen problems, this one is well described and you can easily see them on the pages of Reddit and the Samsung Community in the EU.

It seems that the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel of this device has a very high quality. But on the S22 Ultra, when the best settings are enabled, it gives you a bad movie viewing experience. As a result of this problem, strange lines appear randomly and blink.

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