Why does the fake charger cause the battery to malfunction or explode?

fake phone charger

Why does the fake charger cause the battery to malfunction or explode?

Mobile phones are a very important tool for us. The process of charging these phones is very sensitive. That’s why in this content we try to talk to you about the impact of fake chargers on mobile phones.


Perhaps in today’s world, due to rising costs, some companies no longer include charging adapters in mobile phone cartons; But, for a logical reason, every cell phone has a battery with a certain input voltage current.


For this reason, you should use a well-proportioned charger to prevent damage to your mobile phone. Using fake chargers in this area can greatly damage your mobile phone.

How to buy a charger?

Several steps can help you buy a good charger.


In the first step, we have to search.


If you need a charger, you can research to find out what the input voltage of your mobile phone is.


In this case, you can buy a charger with the right voltage for yourself and prevent damage to your phone.


In the next step, it is better to go to reputable sellers. Many stores sell different types of chargers.

fake charger

To avoid buying a fake charger, it is better to go to a reputable seller. The next thing that can help you avoid falling into the trap of buying fake chargers is to pay attention to the tips that can help you identify fake chargers.

For example, original chargers look heavier and sturdier than fake chargers. With this tip, you can easily buy a suitable charger for yourself.

Why does a fake charger cause the battery to break down and explode?

We told you earlier that each phone comes with its input voltage.  Surely this is also the case for you when your original charger is broken and you are looking to buy a new charger.


In this case, you have many options. You can buy the cheapest available option or go for research and development to buy a suitable option.


The original chargers receive the written voltage correctly and in principle and direct it to your phone. But fake chargers are not like that at all.


These chargers fluctuate and do not transfer the amp to your phone’s battery intermittently. This fluctuation and non-uniformity of current can greatly damage your phone, battery and even explode your phone battery in some situations.

Does using a fake charger damage not only the battery but also the other part of our mobile phone?

In answer to this question, we must say yes, in addition to damaging the battery, using fake chargers can also damage other parts of our phones.


Parts such as your mobile phone board and charger socket are some of the parts that can be damaged by fake chargers. Depending on the conditions of the use of counterfeit chargers, it may even break your mobile phone down and make it a complete tool.

How do fake chargers damage our mobile phones?

Battery explosion due to disproportionate input voltage

The first thing that can be attributed to the cause of battery failure is the disproportionate amount of input voltage.


Each charger has a suitable voltage level. fake chargers oscillate this voltage to your cell phone battery.


This can cause your phone battery to explode. In addition to damaging your mobile phone, a battery explosion can also threaten your health.

Overheating of the charger and the phone

fake mobile charger

When a charger is not able to synchronize the input and output current, it will heat itself and the battery.


The charger heats up in this situation and loses all its efficiency.


If you feel that your adapter and phone are severely overheated, unplug them immediately and do not connect them to your mobile phone in any way.


Note that re-charging with that charger can damage your phone’s battery.

Inflate the phone

Using a fake charger can also cause your phone’s battery to swell in some situations. The phone battery may inflate for a variety of reasons.


These blows can be very dangerous to your phone and your health. Inflating the battery is a sign that your cell phone is damaged or exploded.


If you notice that your phone battery is inflated, you should give your phone to a repairman as soon as possible and never use your previous charger again.


With today’s slim design phones, you can easily notice if your phone’s battery is inflated. If you do not want a disaster like blowing your phone battery, buy the original chargers.

Reduce battery life

We all like to use cell phones for a long time. But if you use fake chargers in the process of using the phone, your battery life will slowly decrease to a great extent. Some cell phones may react quickly to improper chargers.


Others may be more resistant and do not show a particular reaction in the first few weeks of using the charger, but slowly change them.


If you want to increase the battery life of your phone so that you do not need to replace the battery shortly after purchase, use the appropriate chargers.


In general, buying a charger is just as important to you as buying a cell phone. You need to go for chargers that, in addition to quickly charging your cell phone, do not damage the battery and other parts of your phone in any way.

By buying the charger from reputable sellers, you can be sure that you have bought a great option. Check your phone information before buying to find out if you should use such a charger.

You can even go to the store with your old broken charger and buy the same one. This will help you to greatly reduce the damage rate to your mobile phone.

Be aware that using a fake charger, in addition to damaging your mobile phone, may also be detrimental to your health. The risk of electric shock or explosion of a mobile phone can harm you.

So buying the right charger not only ensures the health of your phone but also prevents dangerous things from happening.

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