What is privacy glass? Why do we use it?

privacy glass

What is privacy glass? Why do we use it?

In today’s world, mobile phones have become a very personal tool. These tools contain a lot of personal information.

This has led to the design and production of various types of tools related to the protection of personal information. One of these tools is known as privacy glass.

Privacy glass is a tool that can help you protect your personal information. With this glass, the screen becomes invisible to you when you rotate your phone about 30 degrees to your face.

This makes it easier for you to use your mobile phone in public places or at parties.

Privacy glass can greatly help you not to worry about your personal information being seen by others.

If you are a sensitive person and would like to protect your personal information, we suggest that you follow us to the end of the content.

What is privacy glass?

Let’s take a closer look at what privacy glass is.


These glasses are screen protectors that, in addition to taking care of the screen, also take care of your personal information.


In the early stages, you may think that using this glass is a mistake.


But if you notice once or twice that different people are wandering on your phone, you will realize the need to use these glasses. 

phone glass

These types of glasses are a great option to prevent visual hacking. You can buy a very high-quality glass at the lowest cost. Using this glass can make it easier for you to see your information.


These types of glasses are very popular all over the world because of their amazing properties.

How is privacy glass made?

 You may also be wondering how this glass is made with its amazing properties. Note that privacy glass is not much different in appearance from ordinary glass.


But if we go deep into making this type of glass, we will find that there is a special layer in this glass. These layers help you to narrow the viewing angle of your mobile phone screen. 


This makes your screen nothing more than a dark screen if you turn the angle of your phone.


This technology was initially developed in some laptops and cell phones, but later with the advancement of technology, people realized that they could use restrictive glasses instead of restrictive screens.


This helped them to enable customers to use the technology if they like.

Examining the different types of privacy glass

Privacy glass has different types. This allows you to choose the option you want and enjoy having a suitable personal space. If you want to know the types of this type of glass, join us.

Micro louvre glass

This glass of different types of privacy glass helps you to experience a good view along with having personal space. Note that this type of privacy glass may not give you the privacy of other types, but on the other hand, it makes your job easier to use the phone daily.

Tempered glass

This type of glass is a little stronger and heavier than micro louvre glass. In some cases, this glass can lower your visibility relative to the screen.


In addition to personalizing your mobile phone screen, you have used a very powerful screen saver with this glass. This glass can greatly increase the security of your screen because it is impact resistant.

Four-way and two-way glass

jbq glass

These two types of glass are another creative type of privacy glass. 


The two-way process glass helps you see your screen only when you hold it flat and upright. 


In addition to giving you a vertical view of the screen, four-way glass helps you to view your mobile phone screen horizontally.

Why should we use privacy glass?

Let’s take a look at some things that can help you and make your decision to use these glasses.

These types of glasses help to protect your privacy

The first thing that can be said about the benefits of using privacy glass is privacy. The main purpose of making these glasses is to create personal and private space for customers. Using this glass in public places and parties is a very good option.


Different types of privacy glass are usually more resistant than other glasses. This will help you to greatly reduce the risk of breaking and damaging your mobile phone screen.


The screen is a very important and effective option in any mobile phone. Damage to this part of your mobile phone can cause a lot of problems.

Different types of privacy glass have a blue light filter

This filter can greatly protect your eyes. These glasses protect the health of your eyes and prevent damage to your eyes to a great extent.

Investigation of the disadvantages of privacy glass

After reviewing the advantages of using this product, it is better to consider some of the cases that fall into its disadvantages.


Note that these glasses are usually very heavy and can make your phone heavier and bulkier.


Privacy glass can also reduce the transparency of your screen. However, these glasses have protective layers that may subconsciously make your screen look a little darker.


However, privacy glass has its unique features. This tool is an amazing tool that can provide you with a very good private space.


  Using this glass will help you to use your mobile phone more safely in public places. You should note that before buying this product, you should research its features.


This will help you to buy a suitable and practical option for yourself. Before buying, try to check the different types of glasses and then go to the most suitable option according to your taste. 


Be sure to go to brands that are well-known in the field of glassmaking when shopping. Using the right glass can help you reduce the risk of your screen crashing.


In addition, the use of different types of high-quality privacy glass can greatly reduce the screen blur rate. This helps you keep your screen quality as normal as you can, along with having privacy.

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