The most important features of Android 12

features of Android 12

The most important features of Android 12

Finally, after eight months of waiting, after reviewing the beta version, Android 12 was released in October 2021. In this article, we are going to talk about the features of Android 12 and tell you what features this update has and how it can help owners of Android mobile phones.

What is Android 12?

Android 12 includes a whole host of very new widgets. This Android enhances privacy and helps you to use your mobile phone more easily. 


In addition to the fundamental changes, the appearance of your mobile phone in this update also changes slightly. That’s why in this content we try to talk to you in full about the features of Android 12. 


We also want to tell you which mobile phones support this operating system and can take advantage of its amazing features.

Check the features of Android 12

The first feature of Android 12 is the change in screen lock

The first thing you will encounter after updating your mobile phone to Android 12 is a change in the lock screen and the screen.


One of the features of Android 12, which also falls into the category of visual features, is the removal of notifications on the lock screen and the display of a very large clock on the mobile phone screen

features of Android

You will not see a notification on this locked page.  Instead, a large digital clock sits in the center of your screen. Note that this makes your mobile phone look beautiful after you turn it on. This update was noticed and welcomed by many Android users.

The second feature of Android 12, intelligent color extraction

Another item that can be included in the category of features of Android 12; is color extraction automatically.

In this situation, you can easily select your favorite color without any problems and wait for Android to do all the work of synchronizing and setting in different parts of the mobile phone for you.

The extraction of color layers in the new Android design is one of the visual features of Android 12. To use this feature you only need to use wallpaper.

After using the wallpaper, Android 12 starts processing and extracts various colors from your wallpaper. It then collects them to display the colors it has extracted in different parts of your mobile phone.

This feature of Android 12, just like other factors, attracted the attention of many people around the world. Of course, you can disable this feature completely. 

The third feature of Android 12, the new design of password keys

Another point of features of Android 12 we can mention is the change in the new design of password keys.


When you try to enter your password numerically, your password will be specially displayed to you.


You will not have the keyboard rising on your background like before;  Instead, you are presented with a completely separate page.


All you see on that page are the numbers and the specific field for entering the password.

The fourth of the features of Android 12, long screenshots

From features of Android 12, we can mention the ability to take long screenshots. You can scroll to take screenshots and take screenshots of several consecutive pages. This will help you to enjoy taking long screenshots easily and without any problems. 

This will help you no longer need to take a few screenshots in a row. The single screenshot allows you to access the information you are looking for as quickly as possible.


Snooze button for notifications

If we want to talk more about the features of Android 12, we have to introduce you to another important change in this area. You can see changes in the notifications section in Android 12.


In this case, all notifications are displayed separately for each application.  Additionally, you can turn off or delay these notifications completely. 


You no longer need to hold your finger on the notification and drag it;  Just tap on it and turn off the notification for as long as you want.

In-app search

Another amazing feature of Android 12 is the in-app search feature. For example, you can easily search for anything you have written down on a note.


This allows you to find the information you need without opening the program. Even offline, you can easily use this feature to quickly find the information you need.

Make quick settings changes

The quick settings section is one of the most important sections in the Android operating system. Another item in the list of features of Android 12 is to make changes in this section.


 You will no longer see circular options when you scroll down the Quick Settings page. But there are huge rectangular options in front of you that can intelligently execute all your commands.


This section may take on different colors depending on the wallpaper you have chosen. This change also brings you an easy-to-use interface.

Improved auto-rotation

The other item from features of Android 12 is the improved auto-rotation. This rotation will help you with the phone’s accelerometer. 


But in addition to the accelerometer, Android 12 uses a face recognition system. Your cell phone determines whether or not you should turn the screen based on your face.


With this feature, you can use your mobile phone without any problems, even when you are asleep.

Improve privacy

one of the features of Android 12 we can mention is the improvement of privacy. In Android12 new sections have been added to your mobile phone, which allows you to fully see which applications have access to the private parts of your mobile phone.

This will help you to disable unnecessary applications and greatly increase the security of your mobile phone.

the most features of Android

Added microphone or camera indicator

Android 12 has recently added a dedicated camera or microphone indicator to mobile phones. This allows you to find out if an application is currently using a camera or microphone.


Note that this feature is one of the very useful features of Android 12 and helps you to understand the current state of your mobile phone without any problems.

Check for mobile phones that use the features of Android 12 and support it

After reviewing the features of Android 12, it is better to name the mobile phones that support these features of Android 12.


Virtually all recently launched phones can fully support Android 12. Some of these cell phones include the following.


Xiaomi- Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i and Mi 11X Pro, Galaxy S21 Series, S20 Series, S10 Series and …

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