How to activate blood pressure and ECG in Galaxy Watch 4?

Galaxy Watch 4

How to activate blood pressure and ECG in Galaxy Watch 4?

Digital watches are one of the most amazing products that can make our lives easier. These watches along with smartphones can help us to do our activities faster and easier.


 Different types of digital watches are designed and produced with unique features. In this context, we are trying to talk to you about the Galaxy watch 4 and tell you what features this watch has.


In addition, we intend to answer a big question: You may also be wondering how to activate blood pressure and ECG in Galaxy Watch 4.


To answer this question, we suggest that you follow us to the end of the content. We are going to talk more about this in the following.

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The Galaxy Watch 4 is one of Samsung’s newest watches.

This watch has amazing features and is used in many countries. 

Users who use this watch can use the features of that as much as they can by using special applications.

After installing various programs, they can also use the health services of this type of smart watch.

If you want to increase your information about the health services of this watch, accompany us to the end of the content.

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How do smartwatches like Galaxy watch 4, measure blood pressure and ECG?

Due to the stressful life in today’s world, continuous blood pressure measurement has become a necessity for many people.


Instead of having to go to a health center to have their blood pressure measured, people can sit at home and measure the blood pressure and ECG themselves with Galaxy Watch 4.


For about two years now, Samsung has announced that it can easily measure blood pressure using its watches. Of course, it is not yet clear how accurate the blood pressure measurement by these watches is. 


However, this is a very big and effective action in the field of health and technology. Measuring your heart rate is a relatively easy task that can be done without any hassle.


But measuring blood pressure can be a little challenging. The manufacturers of the Galaxy Four watch acknowledge that the watches produced by this company can easily measure people’s blood pressure without any problems.

How can blood pressure and ECG be measured on the Galaxy Watch 4?

One of the problems with different types of smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 4, is that this feature is not activated automatically. 


This means that you need to manually enable these settings on your watch to take advantage of them. So that you can measure your blood pressure and ECG with your Galaxy Watch 4 and install different apps on your mobile phone. 


Stay with us if you want to understand step by step how you can use these services.

The first stage; Change your clock settings

You must turn on developer options to be able to manually adjust your blood pressure and ECG measurement system on your Galaxy Watch 4. 

After turning on this section and then complete the following steps.

  • Go to the About Watch section and click on Software Version a few times.


  • Now by going to the settings page, the developer options section will be displayed for you.


  • Turn off Bluetooth and turn on Wi-Fi so you can install the app.


  • Go to the Developer settings again and turn on the two options ADB Debugging and Debug over WIFI.


  • Exit the settings and log in again. Here you will see an IP and PORT address appear in the Wi-Fi debug section. Write down these numbers.

The second stage; Connect the phone to the watch

The following steps must be followed to connect the watch to the phone.

  • In the first step, it is better to download the two programs (watch 4 SHM, and Mod SHM for phone) on your phone. These two programs are the same as Samsung Health Monitor’s modded applications. First, install the modded application on the phone. You must also download and install the Bugjaeger Mobile ADB application from the Play Store.
  • In the next step, enter the Bugjaeger application. The next step is to enter the connection and then enter the IP address and port you wrote down.  This will connect the phone to your watch.  After viewing the message; Allow access.

In the next step, click the plus icon at the top of the app and then tap Select APK. Now give the address of the mod application you downloaded earlier and then after a few minutes you will see that two Samsung Health Monitor applications have appeared on your phone and smartwatch.

With these steps, you can turn your Galaxy Watch 4 into a full watch. You are currently only installing apps that should be on the clock but not available for a variety of reasons. From here, things get easier, and this is where you can measure blood pressure and ECG with Galaxy Watch 4.

The third stage; calibrate

 For you to be able to measure your blood pressure and ECG more accurately and accurately with the Galaxy Watch 4, you need to calibrate your blood pressure mechanism as much as you can. 


Calibration helps you to measure blood pressure and ECG because it is very accurate. You need a digital sphygmomanometer to be able to do this easily and without any problems.


 You need to measure your blood pressure with your watch and device at the same time so that you can give the necessary instructions to your watch.


Note that if you log in to the installed programs, you will see instructions that can tell you how you can apply the settings so that you can measure your blood pressure and ECG as accurately as possible and be aware of your health as much as you can.


In this context, we have tried to fully tell you about how to activate blood pressure and ECG in the Galaxy Watch 4. 


Note that this watch can fully and accurately measure your blood pressure and tell you your heart rate.


If you are one of those people who want to be constantly aware of your health status and find out what condition your body is in, using this watch can be very helpful.


Seeing your doctor every day to measure your blood pressure may seem a little difficult.


For this reason, you can buy a Galaxy Watch 4 at home and measure your blood pressure and ECG in the shortest possible time and be fully aware of your physical health.

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