How to Screen Record On Phone

How to Screen Record On Phone

How to Screen Record On Phone

When an individual purchases a mobile phone, he desires all the features in that particular mobile phone he has paid for.


Features such as fantastic camera quality, a good memory, high RAM, and last but not least, the ability to take screen recording. Some people purchase their desired mobile phones based on the need they have.


Often we look for mobiles with a good quality camera for photography, and we often look for mobiles that will be able to be at our service with their features.


Having a mobile that will have the feature of screen recording will help us a lot. So let us read till the end to understand how you can take a screen recording and what are the phones that provide you with the feature of screen recording.

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How to Take a Screen Recording with Mobile Phone?

To do this, first, you need to make sure your mobile has the feature of screen recording in it. Some mobiles do have, and some don’t. You will find this amazing feature in the last models, and it is a plus point for the mobile as well.


You can take recordings and video from your mobile screen easily.


You can view the video later and edit if you desire to.

screen record

The steps by which you can take screen recording are stated below such as:


Open the page or the screen in your mobile that you desire to capture and take video from.


It depends from mobile to mobile. So press the power along with the volume button simultaneously.


In case you see it does not work, then only hold the power button for some seconds, then gently tap on your screen.

If you see neither of these options work, then you should visit the phone manufacturer support sure and seek help.


Right at the bottom left side, you will see a preview option of your screenshot.


Take screen record or video from your mobile screen in the same manner. All you need to do is open the screen record option that is present at the top of your screen.


Choose what you desire to take a recording from and press the start button.


Once you are done, press the same button to stop, and you can view the video later.


You can find the screen recordings you did in the photos app that is present in all the mobiles.

mobile screen record

It should be mentioned that the process of screen recording may differ from device to device. Good news for all the Apple device uses recording option is available in the Apple mobiles.

The screen recording for Google mobiles was introduced back in the year when Android 11 was introduced, but still, some devices that belong to the Samsung, LG, as well as Android 10 OnePlus have their own version of screen recording.

What Is the Main Purpose of the Process of Screen Recording?

It has happened to many of us that whenever we see something on our phone, we desire to either take a screenshot of it or capture and record its video in order to share it with our friends or for future use.


Screen capture or screen recording is a useful feature that has made life easier for many. It is not like the traditional picture or video recording that is done with the camera. 


For a screen recording, the program is necessary to be available to grab the recording which is happening on the screen at the same time. 

phone with screen record

This means you can watch a live video online and, at the same time, record the screen simultaneously. Doesn’t it sound to be a fantastic feature?


The option of screen recording helps you to say the important things that you desire to refer to for later use or reference.

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Mobile Phones That Allow You to Enjoy the Future of Screen Recording

Thanks to technology today, we can see end-user mobile phones with unique features to make life easier and more fun. One of the fantastic features is the option of screen recording.

The screenshot and screen recording option can seem to you to be a geeky feature, but it should be mentioned that they have their practical applications.

Mobiles that allow us to enjoy the feature of screen recording are Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chromebooks, and a few more that you can easily find the option of screen recording by just swiping the screen down and sing the option in there.

All you have to do is press the start button whenever you desire to capture and take screen recording, and it will be saved in your gallery or videos.

Good news for all the Android users. The screen recording option is available on the latest Android devices. If you are by chance using the older versions, then you should take help from the third-party apps to be downloaded from Play Store.

Even if you do not have the option of screen recording on your phone, it hardly matters, as thanks to Play Store, we can download any app that we desire and store it on our mobile.


Recording the screen is a feature that allows you to record the screen with or without noise. So if you are lucky to have this feature on your phone, go ahead and enjoy the feature.

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mobile with screen record

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