How Can You Recognize Whether Your Adaptor or Charging USB Is Original or Not?

How Can You Recognize Whether Your Adaptor or Charging USB Is Original or Not

How Can You Recognize Whether Your Adaptor or Charging USB Is Original or Not?

It has been stated that a lot of charges today are counterfeit. Not all the charges are undergoing the process of strict quality control from the manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony as well as Apple.  

There are a lot of incidences reported where fake cables have been used in the charges, and they have caused a household fire, as well as the explosion of the battery and electric shock. 

Read till the end till we highlight you ways by which you can understand whether your adaptor or charging USB is original or counterfeit.

What Are the Differences Between a Fake and Original Charger?

There are certain differences between these two, with the help of which you can understand whether a particular charger is fake or original.

Today many smartphone users believe that using a 3rd party charger as well as a USB cable is not risky at all for their mobile.

Still, it has been proven over time that fake chargers damage the batteries and have serious side effects on the mobile as well as the health of the individual.

A difference by which you can understand a charger is original or counterfeit is looking at the corners and the ages of the charger.

Fake charges do have curved edges and corners, and they are uneven and have extra plastic around them. On the other hand, the original charges have even edges to them.

Original and fake chargers have a joint placed in the middle.

In the case of the original charger, it has a smooth and flat joint, whereas the fake charger has a very sharp and prominent joint.

In this way, you can easily spot an original charger from a fake one.

Charger plugs or another way by which you can spot the nature of the charger is original or fake.

Fake Samsung chargers, for example, have simple clubs without any durability structure made on them, but the original ones do have an extra layer of plastic placed in the lower end of the structure of it.

The sign of the USB on the micro USB connectors can help you to detect as well.

The USB symbol that is imprinted or the micro USB connector body has some variations to it. 

The original USB cable connectors have a very light-colored laser imprinted symbol on them and indicate that the fake one is darker.


Are Fake Chargers Dangerous?

Fake charges do not have proper insulation at potentially, they are capable of exposing the users to overheating, electrical shock as well as fire.


There are a lot of incidents that have been reported related to the shock or electrocution that were the main reason behind using fake chargers.


So it is always better to pay a lot of attention before purchasing any charger for your phone.


In this way, you are not only saving the life of your mobile, but you are saving the life of yourself and your near ones as well.


It is true that you may have to pay a bit more to get a genuine and original charger, but on the other hand, you are safe thinking that all is fine.

Ways by Which You Can Understand Your Charger Is Original or Fake

Ways by Which You Can Understand Your Charger Is Original or Fake

Markings as well as the text that is on the plug. Carefully take a look at the plug and your charger to see whether there are any markings of CE.

Even counterfeit charges can indeed have this mark, but if you pay more attention, you will be able to see that some are very sophisticated.

Plug pin finish. This is another way by which you can understand whether your charger is fake or not.

If you notice that the placement of the three-pin connectors is slightly off and they do not fit in the plastic casing correctly, then it is a clear sign of a fake charger.

A genuine plug is known to be aligned correctly, it fits the casing perfectly, and there are no loose pins on it at all.


USB port. You can understand whether the charger is fake by noticing the USB port as on the fake chargers, they are a bit giveaway of authenticity and reliability.

Many fake charges have loose USB ports to them, which makes the connectivity and charging process difficult.

Materials. You can understand better the charger is fake with the material that is used in the preparation process of it.

Material plays a vital role in the preparation of a charger because it is the main reason for them to go bang.

Electrical currents go through these charges, and if the materials are fake and not worthy, they can easily cause fire and electrical shock.

Check the weight of your charger. The weight of the flag or the charger can indicate whether it is fake or original. An original charger has a genuine cable or plug, and they are heavier in nature.

Where Can You Buy Original Chargers for Your Mobile?

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