Are Power Banks Repairable?

Are Power Banks Repairable?

Are Power Banks Repairable?

Power banks are the mobile charges we tend to carry with us whenever we have an emergency, and we require to keep our phones charged throughout the day, and we do not have any access to keep our phones in charge.


There is a concern regarding the power banks whether we can repair them if it gets damaged, and the answer to this question is yes.


There are certain expectations based on the level of the damage that has been caused to the power bank. In the case where the power bank is entirely damaged, then there are no chances of it being repaired. Still, in general, power banks are 100-percent repairable.


Follow till the end as we are going to highlight certain facts about power banks and how you can repair them. We hope the content will be beneficial for you and will add to your knowledge further.

Can You Repair a Power Bank by Yourself?

If you have a basic knowledge about technology and experience, yes for sure you can repair your power bank all by yourself in the case if you do not have any knowledge risking it will be a bad option, so it is always better to take power back to the expert and seek for his help.


In some cases, people desire to purchase a new cover bank instead of repairing the old one. Cases such as:

repair power bank
  • The Warranty Period of the power bank being expired, and the cost of the repairing exceeds more than 60% of the price.
  • In case you have been using the power bank for a long time.
  • And last but not least, if you desire to buy a proper bank with more mAh capacity. Another name of the power bank is considered to be a portable charger.

You should be aware that there are certain dangers behind the process of fixing a proper bank on your own if you do not have any prior knowledge and training.

It is better to take your right bank to a local repair shop and get it repaired instead of buying it at home by yourself.

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What Are the Common Issues That Cover Banks Have?

We notice certain common issues in power banks, and we are bound to repair them.


One of the foremost common issues that many have encountered is the failure to charge the connected devices.


Such an issue is mainly caused due to many reasons such as damaged charging port or USB. Damaged internal wiring, as well as a defective circuity, can also be the cause of having a damaged power bank.


When the power bank’s battery is bloated, there is no point in getting it repaired as it simply indicates that the power bank is facing irreversible chemical reactions and it is beyond repair. The best option will be to get a new one instead.


Another such common issue is the case of burnt circuity. It is a case that is not repairable in the majority of the cases, and it happens to power banks which does not have short circuit protection.


The last case which makes a power bank unrepairable is the case where the power bank has been submerged into water.

Other reasons why power banks stop working are:

The age of the battery. Thanks to technology, batteries are improving, but due to the frequently and regularly charging process of the power Banks, the age of the battery decreases. 

If you are a holder of a power bank and you have had the power bank for more than three years and have been using it very often, then there are high chances that you have worn out the battery of your power bank.


Issues regarding the cable and the socket. Not all the repairing processes of the power banks are related to the battery. Sometimes there are issues with the cable and the socket.

Defects with the manufacturing process. Suppose you have purchased your power bank recently, and it is new, but it does not work properly.


In that case, there are high chances that there are defects with the manufacturing process. If you purchased it from a store, then go ahead and return it back and ask for a new one.


If you desire to purchase a power bank online, then visit the official website of and get a good quality power bank delivered to your address.

How Can You Look After Your Power Bank to Avoid Repair?

If the power bank you have is used frequently is not used for a long period, then it is highly advised in order to charge your power bank every three months. In this process, we prevent the battery from getting damaged and over-discharging the product.

The temperature recommended for the power bank that is in use Ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. The safest temperature for a device in storage is -10 degrees to -45 degrees Celsius. Make sure you store your power bank in a dry and ventilated area.


Be careful not to drop your power bank. Physical shocks that happen to the power bank suddenly can cause the batteries as well as the PCBA to get damaged.


Unplug the cable from the USB socket of the power bank if you are not charging your phone with a power bank.


Remember to charge your power bank within one to two hours. To be on the safe side, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s instruction which is written on the box of the power bank when you purchase it.


Make sure you purchase a power bank from a legit shop or online site. A good power bank has the ability to hold charge for around 3 to 6 months along with a minimal loss.


JBQ is a trustworthy site from where you can purchase your desired power bank and other useful accessories that you can think of. Since the initial days, quality and customer satisfaction have been our main goal, and we have been loyal to our goal since then.


Get your power bank repaired, and if it fails to get repaired, we are here to get you the best power banks instead.

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