Difference Between the Mobile Screen Guards

Difference Between the Mobile Screen Guards

Difference Between the Mobile Screen Guards

Today we live in a world where no one likes a crack or even a scratch to be there on their mobile phones. We tend to take care of our phones a lot, and we fear what if it falls? What if the screen cracks? What if it gets broken and so many other thoughts? Isn’t it?


Today we are here to tell you about the different types of mobile screen guards and their difference. We hope it will help you choose the best screen guard for your mobile and avoid unpleasant scratches and cracks from happening on it.

Why Should We Get a Screen Guard or Protector On Our Mobile?

Let us answer this question before we move ahead and elaborate on different types of screen guards.


According to some experts, screen guards and protectors are the best with the help of which we can minimize the cracks from happening on the mobile screen.


It is, in fact, economical as well. It is better to pay less amount and buy a screen guard than to spend a considerable amount of money on repairing the original screen of our mobile phones. Don’t you agree?

It is the best choice to invest in a good quality screen guard anytime. Getting a scratch or even a crack on the screen or the mobile phone’s body is so easy that you will not even notice. In contrast, you keep your phone in your purse or pocket or anywhere. Cracks and scratches will occur. So better to be safe than sorry.

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If you desire an affordable screen guard that will be worthy and good, then you can go for triennium or the ailun glass protectors. It provides you with a clean, vivid, and at the same time, water-resistant coating.


The mobile screen guard can protect your phone from sweat and the oil from your own hands and fingertips. Doesn’t it sound to be a good screen protector for your mobile?


  • Another excellent screen guard and protector is the blue light filtering. The good news for all iPhone users, you can get this screen protector and keep your mobile screen safe from disheartening scenes of cracks and scratches. It has the potential of hiding the fingerprints that are on your screen and filters the blue light using its protective layer.
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  • The tempered glass screen guard is known to be widely used today due to its amazing durability and affordable price. The guards are made with highly durable and good quality tempered glass that can easily cover and guard all the edges of the phone. It provides an oleophobic coating as well, which simply repels sweat. You can get these amazing screen guards for your Samsung, Apple and even Google, and a few more.


  • The privacy screen guards are another excellent screen guards that have two great roles. The first role they have is to protect the screen guard, and the second significant role is providing full privacy to the owner of the phone.


It is made from hybrid glass material, and it prevents others from seeing your screen and looking at your phone whenever they try to look at your phone from the sides.

What All Should You Consider Before Buying a Mobile Screen Guard?

Before you buy any mobile screen guard, you should know a bit about the product—things such as its material.

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It is not a secret that the screen guards come in a variety of materials starting from plastic to even glass. According to experts, it has been mentioned that tempered glass screen guards are way more effective, and when it comes to protecting the screen, these screen guards are the best.

On the other hand, the plastic screen guards are good as well when it comes to protecting the mobile from superficial cracks and scratches.


The comfort and how the guard feels on the mobile is important to factor as well.


Our mobiles are in our hands almost all the time every day. Some screen guards are improper as in they change the way we see the screen or there is a change in the sensitivity of the touch screen.


So such screen guards are not ideal. On the other hand, Tempered glass is a great option when it comes to having a smooth screen that will not even interfere with the screen sensitivity.

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The display is a very important factor to consider before buying a screen guard. It almost mimics the original display and can even offer a vivid view and also provide a glare to your screen.


When we buy a screen guard for our mobile phone, we tend to struggle a lot with its installation. Hence finding a guard that will be easy to install without any bubbles is a great option.


The majority of the screen guards do have a plastic installation tray that goes directly over the phone screen and aligns the guard. If you are not aware of how to install the guard, then ask people who are able to do so.


Last but not least, compatibility. The screen guards come in different shapes and sizes to fit different mobiles.

So make sure you always check its compatibility before purchasing

Now that you know so much about different types of screen guards and their nature, you can purchase your desired screen guard based on the knowledge you got.


To make life even easier for you, sit back and border the screen guards from the official website of the jbq.ae and get the best quality screen guards for your phone and spare yourself from the sad moment of cracks and scratches.


Go ahead and choose your desired screen guards based on the model and size of your phone from the JBQ and sit back and relax while we deliver the guards to the address you choose.


Remember, it takes one step from dissatisfaction to satisfaction. We are here to satisfy your needs and help you protect your mobile from any type of damage caused to it.

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