MP3 players! All you need to know

MP3 players! All you need to know

MP3 players! All you need to know

In the article MP3 players! All you need to know. Stay with jbq.

Smartphones have revolutionized our world in a dramatic way, haven’t they? Nowadays, their amazingly diverse applications have gone beyond our imaginations.

Calling, texting, surfing the net, recording videos, taking high-resolution pictures, paying, etc.


are just some ordinary functions each simple smartphone can professionally do. However, even with these vast capabilities, there are still many things we prefer to do in the old-school fashion. Listening to music is one of them! And, perhaps, that is why MP3 players are still so popular. Therefore, in this short essay, we have a plan to convey whatever you need to know about them. 

MP3 players, a simple definition

Well, no definition of MP3 players will be complete without knowing about MP3 itself. What is MP3?


In fact, MP3, which stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is a data compression format that encodes digital audio in the 1990s.


it became rapidly popular in Asia and then North America. The more popular MP3s became, the more diverse MP3 players got. 

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To put it very simply, an MP3 player is a portable electronic device in which digital media can be stored and then played including audio, images, and video files. MP3 players can be electronically fed by either internal or replaceable batteries. Earlier, MP3 players used physical media but now they commonly use flash memory which gives a great sense of flexibility. Also, MP3 players can be connected to the source both with and without wire. Although it is not common, some brands do have radio tuner and video recording capabilities too.

Top best brands manufacturing MP3 players

Similar to other electronic devices-related markets, the MP3 players’ market is extremely competitive. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to determine the best high-quality brands as it depends on your budget, needs, expectations, etc. However, there are some names constantly being mentioned in the market with an amazing variety of functions which makes buying one a nightmare! 

For instance, the famous Cowon Plenue D3 comes with Bluetooth connectivity and satisfying presentation across frequencies. Or, Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 is equipped with amazing sound quality and interchangeable modular DAC design. Another one is Sony NW-A55L which is great for all-encompassing file support. 

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What to consider when buying an MP3 player?

Let’s assume that you have a plan to buy an MP3 player soon. What do you need to consider? Of course, your budget will be the most limiting factor but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a professionally designed high-quality MP3 player without spending too much money. Let’s review what features you should be looking for and why. 

Specifications do matter!

Specifications are somehow the most basic features of an MP3 player and include storage, screen size, battery life, dimensions, and weight. These features make you nicely able to compare different models from different brands and sieve the most pleasant one. For instance, if you are the kind of guy who likes to constantly changes from one genre or singer to another one, the storage in your MP3 players must be big enough to satisfy you. Therefore, in the first selection round, you can easily eliminate all models and brands which provide low storage capacity. The same is true regarding other specifications. Are your eyes weak? You need a bigger screen size! Do you listen to music for five or six hours a day? Look for an MP3 player with very long battery life! etc. 

Think about your specific needs!

After narrowing down your research a shortlist of selected MP3 players based upon their specifications, you need to think carefully about when, where, and how you are engaged listening to music. 

File support

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You might download music from various sources with probably increases the chance of getting a variety of formats such as WAV, MP3, Ogg, MIDI, WavPack, etc. if your MP3 player doesn’t have extensive file support, you have to convert the files into your wanted format which is annoying!


Many individuals prefer to go jogging and listen to music on their MP3 player at the same time. Therefore, they have to deal will lots of ups and downs on one hand and a delicate electronic device on the other hand. For these situations, MP3 players with Bluetooth connectivity are much more convenient, aren’t they? 

Display type

Currently, there are three display types including Touch-screen, Multi-Touch Retina display, and color displays. Similar to smartphones, the touch-screen is the most common display type. The Multi-Touch Retina display, however, is more advanced and lets you control the MP3 player with your eyes. Color displays are obsolete and outdated. 

Internet capability

It would be definitely hard to think of an electronic device in the 21st without internet capability. If you like to download from the internet and listen to it immediately or want to try your social friends’ suggestions immediately, your MP3 player must be an Internet-friendly device. 

Streaming other multimedia files

In addition to music files, some new models of MP3 players can stream videos and show pictures too. Therefore, if the music doesn’t give you all the pleasure you want, consider buying video-streaming- and photo-showing-enabled MP3 players. 

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Some users illogically favor Apple products including Apple MP3 over other brands. It is fair to say Apple MP3 players are some of the best products available in the market. However, you should not fixate too much on it. Our suggestion is not to have a brand-orientated choice and go for the one that satisfies you the most. All famous brands might have both high and low-quality models. 


Just a few years ago, many experts used to predict the disappearance of MP3 players and cameras because they used to believe smartphones will replace them all! Although smartphones with their amazing functionality have indeed impacted the entire multimedia-related markets, there are still many people who prefer old-school but up-to-date devices, MP3 players included. In this short essay, we discussed what factors you need to consider before buying one. To summarize, specifications (as we explained above) and other features such as file support, connectivity, display type, internet capability, and others must be taken into account.  

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